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Revhead Ramblings: The Most Iconic Movie Cars

For petrol heads, seeing their favourite movie cars can be a nightmare. Perhaps it’s a lesser known model you hoped would stay out of the limelight until you’d saved up enough cash to purchase your dream ride at an uninflated rate. It may also be to do with the agony of hearing your beloved have its vocals manipulated and butchered to satisfy a producer with no respect for your baby.

Either way, movies have taken some magnificent cars and catapulted them to new heights. If a movie takes off, then more often than not the car that features does too; and there are some incredible movie cars that have taken off in the past. Take the Ford Mustang GT 390 from Bullitt. Steve McQueen has a knack for turning anything he touches into gold, not that the Mustang needed much help. The movie did however create a platform for Ford to release not one, but two special edition models of the Mustang in question; easy money for Ford.

1970 Dodge Charger

When it comes to annoying petrol heads, Fast and Furious is often one of the main culprits. From endless upshifting to questionable physics, the producers often face a lot of backlash to their decisions.

One area they nailed however, is the protagonist’s choice of wheels. Dom Toretto is more often than not seen in a highly tuned 1970’s Dodge Charger, while I’m not a particular fan of American Muscle, I can respect it. Although crashing one into Jason Statham’s Maserati was very much uncalled for.

DeLorean DMC-12

movie cars alex baker revhead ramblings

While the DeLorean may be an instantly recognisable classic, it is a truly awful car. Beyond the gullwing doors, there is nothing positive you can say about this car, it’s slow, awkward looking and terribly built.

You can’t deny its iconic status however and the story behind it is definitely one worth looking into when you have a spare minute. It’s a shame they didn’t use a rotary engine in this like they’d originally planned, it would have suited the car perfectly…

Aston Martin DB5

movie cars alex baker revhead ramblings

Bond films always have the same recipe, 007 saving the world, a gorgeous lady and an equally gorgeous Aston Martin. However, before my time, Mr Bond was often spied in some more interesting vehicles.

‘From Russia With Love’ featured a spectacular 1935 Bentley Mark IV Drophead, ‘Diamonds are Forever’ had one of the most action-packed car chases from any Bond Movie, it was only right then that they used an equally exciting car; the Ford Mustang Mach 1, it certainly didn’t underwhelm on screen.

Without doubt though, the most iconic car from any Bond movie has got to be the Aston Martin DB5. The car is seen or featured in seven Bond films, and every time it is, petrol heads rejoice as it really is one of the most loved cars ever made.

The Bluesmobile

movie cars alex baker revhead ramblings

The 1974 Dodge Monaco used to transport Jake and Elwood across Chicago definitely deserves a place on this list, it’s on a mission from God after all… The old cop car defies the odds on more than one occasion, it jumps an open draw bridge, completes a backflip in mid-air over the pursuing convoy and even drives a Nazi party into a river; is there nothing this car can’t do?

For a car in a movie, to become one of the infamous movie cars, it must eclipse the main actor in the film. There are many memorable movie cars, but to be a true great they must influence a generation and be poster material for every child’s bedroom.

What are your favourite movie cars? Leave a comment below with any you think I’ve missed off my list!

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