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Revhead Ramblings: Why Do We Have Limited-Run Production Cars?

From Ford to Porsche, nearly every manufacturer makes limited-run production cars. Is this controversial sales tactic really fair on us though?

If, like in my dreams, I’d been a loyal customer of Aston Martin for years, who are they to say they don’t want my hard-earned money? To turn away customers seems foolish.

Audi listened to the car world, and gave us the Audi R8 RWS, but they made just 999 of them. Porsche had the 911 R, one of the best Porsches on paper, but again, only 991 were made. The same happens with Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini, any car that is mildly outside of their usual radar and they limit the numbers.

There’s Method to the Madness; Sometimes

Obviously, this is understandable in certain circumstances, sometimes manufacturers have to sign deals with suppliers or they can only push a limited number of cars through the standard production line without disrupting the regular models.

It also makes sense when they know they’ll struggle to find a home for these models, Porsche for example only made 918 of their 918 Spyder’s, but they knew they’d have to put some work in to find them all a good home.


The manufacturers who’re now turning down vast sums of money from prospective punters, were once begging for customers as their balance sheets kept owners awake at night.

Those customers who came in at their time of need and stuck with the brand are now palmed away in favour of a YouTuber with Daddy’s backing because brand exposure is everything.

We Can Make a Change

This isn’t limited to cars though; clothing brands play with their customers in the same way. Brands like Supreme and Palace release their clothes in very low numbers, knowing they have nowhere near enough stock to satisfy demand. With clothes, we can do nothing other than suck it up and accept it, however with our cars, it’s different.

In most cases, aftermarket tuners can offer a lot of what the manufacturer does with their limited run cars; and often create a better car that’s altered to your specification. Not only will you get the car you want, it’ll also be rarer than the limited run car from the OM.

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