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Revhead Ramblings: What Do We Want In a New Car?

When you come to buy a car, what do you look for? Is it speed, practicality or the image it portrays of you? According to Mini, technology is one of the biggest sellers for consumers.

Just behind the design, technology is one of the biggest attractions in a new car for a consumer. I believe, if it wasn’t for the retro and iconic styling of Mini, technology would easily be the most important factor for new buyers.

What Do You Look For In a New Car?

When the average person goes out for a new car, what do they really want? If you were to ask me, speed would be up there, along with reliability and technology. But not everyone is like me, they don’t all want to accelerate global warming with their right foot and so choose a more economical car. But I bet if you ask for their top three requirements, my latter two responses would appear in the majority.

Technology is Vital

My parents and their friends love to comment on my screen time, it’s true; my generation are definitely technology addicts. But when you’re brought up with the world wide web at your fingertips, you’d be mad not to utilise it.

Automakers have obviously clocked on to this and have integrated the majority of our technology into their cars. Apple car play gives you the ability to read texts and access your music, Citroen have a built a dashcam directly into the car with a camera function that allows you to upload your photos directly to social media!

When Will it Stop?

The idea of smartphone integration appeals to me, I hate having to use an aftermarket system to play my music, the built in dashcam is a good idea, but sharing these images to social media is a recipe for disaster; think a self-filmed Jackass.

All of these features can be an issue though, decades ago, if your Land Rover stopped, an average mechanic could get it running again with his trusty set of tools, now however, you need computers more powerful than those that put a man on the moon to even find out what’s up with it.

Obviously, this technology is often for the greater good, but there’s something to be said for cars that require little more than an adjustable spanner and some Allen keys to run happily. The price to pay for convenience could be catastrophic.

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