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Making Your Sales Team Aware Of Outgoing Business Costs Could Increase Conversion Rates

Explaining the costs of your marketing and advertising as well as breaking down a cost per lead could empower sales execs to boost their efficiency in a challenging quarter where every lead counts.

Due to the main driving force behind sales-based roles being the incentive of commission, it’s easy for sales staff to focus on certain leads and neglect others in order to improve their individual number for the month. This can affect the overall profitability of the business. Especially when you’re paying in one way or another for every lead that comes into your dealership. Most sales execs have no idea about the cost of getting a customer into a showroom and the resultant cost of not selling them a used car.

Used car customers can be scared off if they are pressured into placing a deposit or reservation fee too early by sales staff eager for a quick sale. Without spending some time to get to know the customer and their automotive needs, you could see enquiries collapse because customers are feeling pressured into a deal and sales staff are dumping the lead to move on to other prospects. A softer sell approach should be made upon the first contact, offer some advice about the car they’re interested in, similar vehicles in stock they could have a look at etc. Some customers may well be ready to pay a reservation fee straight away, but for those who aren’t, make sure staff remain patient and do what they can to nurture the deal.

Business Alignment

If your sales staff are relaxed and customer-centric then this attitude will transfer positively to customers. Conversely, if sales staff are over-pressured there is a distinct possibility that this will have a negative effect on the buying experience. Staff will feel more engaged with your business if they are involved and have an overall knowledge of operating costs.

When all business expenses are taken into account, it becomes clear that it costs hundreds of pounds per customer, whether they walk into a showroom, call up on the phone, or submit an enquiry form through your website and so on. With this in mind, it’s equally important to arm your sales staff with a relevant stock holding that will appeal to your customer demographic and market area.

Using a Dealer Management System such as ClickDMS will provide a simple and defined history of the make, model, age and price range profiles of your best-selling used cars, and whilst used car buying needs a degree of flexibility, the main steer should come from your sales history.

With the supply of the correct stock, a relaxed and customer-centric business environment, and explaining business outgoings, you can be sure that your sales team will take greater care and responsibility with every lead that comes their way and help your business become more profitable.

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