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SEM for Car Dealers: Why You Should be Using Long-Tail Keywords

If you have looked into creating an SEO or PPC campaign for your dealership, you will know how crucial keywords are. But there are different types of keyword and some can be more beneficial to car dealers than others.

Long-tail keywords are those which are very specific to your product or service, whereas short-tail keywords are more generic. For example, “used cars” would be a short-tail term, whereas “used Ford Focus cars” would be long-tail, as this is more detailed.

Why are Long-Tail Keywords Important for Automotive SEO?

The reason why long-tail keywords are vital for independent car dealers, is that they are more likely to result in conversion. Although generic short-tail words and phrases are used more frequently in search queries, they are also used more frequently in SEO campaigns.

There are a lot of car dealers and car supermarkets with used cars for sale, and larger companies tend to have more authority with search engines, so the chances that your site will rank above these in search engine results when a user searches for a term like “used cars for sale” is slim.

On the other hand, less vehicle retailers will have “used Honda Jazz cars for sale”, and therefore there is no reason for this term to feature on their website, so if this long-tail keyword is typed into a search engine, there will be less competition and a much higher chance of appearing on the first page of Google.
Long-tail keyword searches

Why are Long-Tail Keywords Important for Automotive PPC?

Long-tail keywords are beneficial for your dealership’s PPC campaigns for similar reasons. As there is less competition for more specific keywords, the cost per click (CPC) tends to be much lower for long-tail terms.

Not only this, but long-tail keywords are more likely to lead to conversions. If someone searches for “used cars” and they click your advert, the user may not find exactly what they want in your range and may leave without making a purchase. If someone searches for “used Honda Jazz cars”, they know exactly what they want and your highly-targeted PPC advert will take them straight to it, so the possibility of them making a purchase is much higher.

So, by using long-tail keywords, you will be paying less and increasing your conversion rate; it’s a no brainer!

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