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Is Your SEO Campaign Working For Your Dealership?

Search engine optimisation is becoming increasingly popular, and we have seen a significant demand for it amongst our dealers. If you have initiated your own SEO campaign, your main question will be: “Is it actually working?” After all, its mechanics are not always visible to the naked eye.

At Click Dealer, we conduct a report for our dealers’ SEO campaigns every month. This regular reporting enables you to see how your performance is changing and improving over time. There are a number of items that we include in our SEO reports, which we would recommend measuring on a regular basis if you are managing your own campaign.


Traffic refers to the number of visitors your website has received. Statistics regarding your site traffic can be found on your Google Analytics account, by navigating to Acquisition > Campaigns > Organic Keywords.Where to Google Analytics for your website.

Here are the things that you will want to make a note of:

  • Has your organic traffic increased or decreased?
  • How do these results compare with those of previous months?
  • Do these results reflect industry trends?
 Landing Pages

It is also important to see which of your landing pages are bringing in traffic. To view this data, you will again need to look at the Organic Keywords section of your Google Analytics campaign. Once there, you should be able to determine how many visits your homepage and other landing pages have received.

You can also see if there has been an increase in new users, pages-per-session and average session duration. A significant rise in new users will tell you that your visibility has improved, while longer sessions tend to suggest that visitors are more serious about purchasing something from you, meaning that there is a higher chance of conversion.


Of course, one of the biggest indicators of whether or not your SEO campaign is working is how well you rank in search results. If you look at the ranking of particular keywords that you have chosen to focus on in your campaign, you will be able to track any changes and identify any areas which need improvement.Keyword Ranking.

At Click Dealer, our SEM professionals put all of this information into straightforward charts and tables. Doing this will make it much easier to measure your progress and see, once and for all, whether or not your SEO campaign is working.
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