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SEO Should Be Given More Attention Than Traditional Advertising Methods

Car buyers come in more varieties than the cars you stock. Some are well informed and know exactly what make and model of car they want, others just want the best deal possible, some will only buy from a local dealer, and others might be looking for a dealership that provides a specific service. It doesn’t matter what it is they’re looking for though, because they all rely on the internet to find it. This is where you can get ahead of the competition and conquer this new digital landscape with SEO.

Google is used on a daily basis for online shopping, research, finding images and videos and all kinds of other queries. When a customer is looking for a car, they might search ‘Used Ford Fiesta Stoke-on-Trent’. Google orders the search results for this search based on your websites SEO score and relevance to the keywords being searched.

This is why SEO is so important for dealers. The competition is fierce, and you want to make sure your website is optimised for search engines like Google because a number of factors such as the content, links, and images can make a big difference as to where you appear in the search results.

The majority of consumers won’t go past the first page on Google, so your aim should be to display on the first page. The higher you are, the more website traffic you’re likely to have, which will improve your enquiry levels.

The Key To Success

SEO can help drive customers to your website who are in a ready to buy and informed mindset. Don’t worry about trying to rank high for ‘Car dealer UK’ for example, what you want to rank high for is targeted searches such as “2009 red Vauxhall Astra for sale”. If you appear at the top of a search page after someone searches that, your chances are really high they’ll visit your site and enquire about the car. Those keywords will get fewer searches but have much higher conversion rates.

It’s also important to remember that when you rank higher, you begin to build a reputation as a popular and well-known dealer.  You might perform very well locally if your dealership is based in a prominent location, but if you’re tucked away on an industrial site or want to get traffic from outside your area, SEO is a crucial form of digital marketing. SEO improves your positioning in the organic search results for keywords and phrases that are relevant to your business, allowing potential customers to find you more easily. If this is something you want to look at, it may be worth exploring Pay Per Click (PPC) too, which is the process of bidding on keywords and driving traffic to your website through ads on Google. PPC looks at the paid ads, whereas SEO is about your organic reach.

It’s A Process, Not A Destination

Already at the top? Awesome job! But this isn’t the time to rest on your laurels. Your SEO score can fall if your website has a high bounce rate, expired or bad links, copied or outdated content and a lack of relevant keywords. You need to be updating your website on a regular basis and making sure everything is working okay, while also creating unique content.

Our tips:

  • Create quality unique content
  • Optimize all elements of your content to appear for more searches
  • Track and monitor your website traffic regularly
  • Schedule in time to look at adding new content like blogs which will improve your SEO score

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