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Want better visibility online?


Blogging can be a huge benefit to businesses. It can help your SEO, increasing your visibility and driving traffic to your website, as well as improving your reputation with customers. According to Hubspot, small businesses with blogs generate 126% more leads than those who do not blog.

There are numerous advantages to blogging, and these can generally be split into two categories: those which help to drive traffic to your website and generate leads, and those which help to convert leads.

How Blogging Helps to Generate Leads

  • Search engines will always prefer content that is unique – original blog content is perfect.
  • Keywords in your blog content will ultimately help consumers find you in the search network.
  • The more web pages you have indexed, the better your chances of ranking for a higher number of search terms.
  • Search engines give precedence to websites which are regularly updated because this shows that they are active, and the content is likely to be accurate.

How Blogging Helps to Convert Leads

Blogging also enables you to reach out to customers and gain their trust as well as providing an opportunity to direct them toward your products and services. A consumer who trusts your brand and your advice is more likely to buy from you.

  • Establish your business as an industry expert, making customers more receptive to listening to you.
  • Subtly guide readers toward your products by talking positively about them in your blog.
  • Perfect place to show off your personal side and get across what makes your dealership special.
Keep fresh content on your website and give a positive experience to visitors to your site, keeping them on there for longer.
  1. 3x 300 word Blogs
Engaging content with embedded SEO to connect with your potential customers and improve your website and social visibility.
  1. 3x 300 word Blogs
  2. 600 Word Opinion Piece
  3. Meta Titles & Descriptions
  4. Social Captions for all 4 Pieces
All the benefits of our Silver Package, but with additional press coverage to position you ahead of your competition.
  1. 3x 300 word Blogs
  2. 600 Word Opinion Piece
  3. Meta Titles & Descriptions
  4. Social Captions for all 4 Pieces
  5. Press Release or Article & Issue to the Media or Industry

Supporting you

We can provide one of our ClickBlog packages to create engaging content for your website. We can also provide Content writing services for specific web pages

  • Content writing
  • Press releases
  • Website SEO for specific pages


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