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Should Having A Black Box Be Mandatory On Every Insurance Policy?

In the last decade, there has been a significant rise in the number of insurance companies who provide the option to have a black box installed.

For most experienced drivers the idea of having a device monitor their driving would sound simply ridiculous, but the majority of black boxes are being installed by drivers under 25. The main reason? On average, a new driver can save over £200 on their policy when they choose to have a black box installed, and due to the ability to regularly monitor your driving style and habits, you can even be eligible for a decrease on your monthly payments – or potentially an increase.

Pandora’s Box

Black Box Installation

A black box will typically record the following

  • Acceleration – How quickly you accelerate from a stationary position
  • Braking – How controlled you are when braking
  • Speed – How well you stay within the speed limits of the roads you travel on
  • Time of Travel – How late at night you drive

Using advanced telematics and GPS tracking, that little black box is full of really nifty tech. If we’re being honest, all drivers should accelerate gradually and stay within the speed limit, avoid prolonged night-time driving on a regular basis and always leave space to brake smoothly. So, why do so many drivers dislike the concept? Most insurers will have a portal to track how you’re doing in each category so you can see where you need to improve and increase your overall score.

It’s perhaps not realistic however to judge a driver in this manner. Nobody can control other drivers around them or the roads themselves. Sometimes we are forced to brake harshly, exceed the speed limit, and accelerate quickly, not to mention make journeys at night. The black box, however, isn’t quite smart enough to know when to let you off the hook. There is also the feeling that maybe what we consider ‘good driving’ is considered a touch on the reckless side by the insurance company. So even experienced drivers could unexpectedly see a rise in their insurance policy due to a poor driving score, which let’s be honest would put anyone off.

Keeping Your Car Safe

Considering how essential a black box is in a plane crash, it makes you wonder why more emphasis isn’t put on making them a mandatory part of any insurance policy. They can provide GPS tracking in the case of theft, help you learn from bad driving habits and be more vigilant on the roads, and if they were advanced further, they could probably prevent insurance fraud scandals.

Only time will tell if these telematic devices become more prominent in our cars in the future. You can find out more or get a quote by clicking here.

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