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Six Used SUVs With A Good Green Sales Message

SUVs will move into the firing line even more than before as the car market – new and used – increasingly adopts the green agenda but there are some hybrid and EV versions with perhaps a stronger sales message than others.

Mark Bulmer, senior valuations editor at HPI, has highlighted a half dozen he says could have a better chance of selling on the back of their eco-credentials as much as their styling or performance and that could be a crucial differentiator.

In no order, he starts with the classic Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. This plug-in hybrid was at the forefront of the move to make big SUVs more acceptable and its appeal is still strong even with newer contenders in the market.

Toyota is synonymous with hybrid technology and its RAV 4 Hybrid gives diesel mpg without having to plug in for a recharge. Mark says it will remain popular in 2020 because of its low CO2 score for such a large SUV and residuals should hold up well.

A second Toyota is the futuristically styled CHR Hybrid. As with the RAV 4, it recharges itself so doesn’t need plugging in and it too delivers good mpg. Toyota’s legendary build quality guarding against any mechanical problems is a further strength and it has good residuals. Retail prices start from around £17,000.

Models Entering The Used Car Market

Jaguar’s all-electric I-PACE is a relative newcomer but has been available long enough to now see models entering the used car market. Apart from its head-turning looks, it has sports car performance and a good range with a large range per charge. As more cars become available in the market, this should make the I-PACE more affordable but retail prices are in the £50,000 to £70,000 area.

Kia’s new Niro SUV is highly regarded in the new car sector and comes in hybrid, PHEV and more recently, full EV versions. The Niro has good eco-credentials for a used SUV and although it might be a while before the EV model is available in reasonable volume for the second-hand market it will be much sought after when it does.
Finally, Mark mentions the MG ZS EV which he says should be on the shortlist for any electric vehicle enthusiast and used examples will come to the market this year. He said:

“Affordability is one of the key drivers that will help this car do well, along with a seven-year warranty which also builds confidence in this newcomer to the market. This car also boasts a good range and, if all the reviews are to be believed, it will be a forerunner for what’s coming in the next few years.”

The electric MG SUV should retail used at around £19,000 to £21,000.

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