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Three Top Tips for E-Commerce

As the digital world rapidly expands and e-commerce becomes the prime source of purchase, car dealerships must adapt to this change, or jeopardise losing valuable business to other advanced competitors… And it is much simpler that it sounds!

The main focus is to ensure that your website is clear and makes online shopping easy and accessible for your customers. Here are three top tips to ensure that your website performs for your customers and makes their browsing and shopping experience one to remember.

Manage Your Traffic

Your website is a showroom. It is the first point of call to a potential online buyer, whereby they can immediately grasp the sort of business you run and what is available to purchase. If your website is not showcasing your products, then naturally, it is unable to convert shoppers into buyers. It is also much more cost effective to drive thousands of people over to your website than to your showroom. So, how many hits should you be aiming for? Large car dealerships could see up to one million unique visitors in a month, but a healthy number to aim for is anything over two thousand a day.

To check how you’re performing online, run a cheap and easy online marketing test over the course of two months. Increase your online advertising spend and select two of your digital platforms i.e. Faecbook and Google; evenly distributing your spend between the two. Depending on which platform performed the best in the first month, you will then double the amount of spend on the top-performing platform, and lower the spend on the poorer performer. If it is evident that your drive has doubled by the end of the second month then you can safely say that your advertising spend efforts have succeeded in driving traffic to your website.

If the additional spend didn’t do its job by increasing conversions, then you may have reached your highest target number within your business’ locational and budgetary limits. To increase this drive further, think about redesigning your website for easier navigation or invest in a good quality conversion tool.

Website Design

Ensure that your website is clear and easy to use. The most common design mistake in sites using a template format is accompanying this with a legacy lead-collection tool. Give it a try on your mobile phone, and fill in a lead-collection form on your website. If it isn’t as flawless as most larger websites such as MoneySuperMarket.com or Amazon, then you will most definitely be missing out on 50% of leads. Ensure that the customer can swiftly process their transaction with ease, and have variable options to suit their needs. Provide upselling opportunities and different delivery options for a well-rounded sale.

BDC Response

Slow BDC response can kill conversion rate from 50% to 10%. After your well-designed website is in place and you have a decent amount of traffic, your business development centre (BDC) needs to perform, and flawlessly execute the orders into sales. Providing that you have an online checkout option, aim to call to your customer within the next five minutes… or if the purchase has been made outside of your opening hours, call them first thing in the morning.

A positive and congratulatory attitude should be adopted, providing information about the order process, and gathering any additional information that has not been captured online. The call is not an opportunity to upsell. Upselling can be introduced when the customer visits the car dealership to collect their car, or when it is delivered to them. By following these three top tips, a car dealership can ensure that their online presence is successful and performing as it should, driving a decent amount of traffic to the website and converting this traffic to sales.

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