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Top Tips for Providing a Winning Online Service

There are thousands of car dealer websites out there and when customers use them, they will look for something that makes you and your service stand out. Fast response times, commitment to customers and providing a high-quality experience overall will secure leads.

Record Every Digital Lead

Online enquiries are the first step in the process of getting customers to your physical dealership to make a purchase, so it is very important to ensure that they are handled as efficiently as possible. It can be useful to track each lead from the point of arrival to conversion, as this may help you to improve your speed and service.

Refine Your After-Hours Service

Although most customers are conditioned to traditional opening hours and may not expect a response late in the evening, this doesn’t mean that you do not need to provide one. This is a perfect opportunity to prove your dedication to your customers and exceed their expectations. It will also be more beneficial to you to catch customers while they are actively looking to buy.

You’re probably thinking, “My team and I work hard all day and now you’re telling me that we can’t take some well-earned time off in the evening?” Well, there are now products available which can automate out of hours responses in the form of SMS messages and emails, allowing you to relax, knowing that your business is effectively open 24/7 and customers are being dealt with efficiently.

Be Loud and Proud

Reviews will instill so much confidence in customers, so if you are proud of your reputation, plaster your reviews on the first page of your site! Speak to Click Dealer’s web team to enquire about adding a rotating review section to your homepage.

Be Sociable

Whether you use it to advertise, inform, entertain or educate, social media can be very effective for raising brand awareness and gaining leads and you can integrate your social media feed on your website.

This is an excellent way to make your dealership stand out because it gives customers an insight into the personal side of your business. Think about your company values and what makes you different and use that to define your brand through Facebook, Twitter and any other platforms you use.

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