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Why Video Marketing is Important for Dealers

The importance of using videos to increase your online and digital presence is becoming greater. Not only do videos help dealers to sell more cars, they also increase interaction on your site and are incredibly useful to your customers.

Video is an extremely versatile method of marketing and is a trend that has progressed immensely. Below are some reasons why your dealership should be using video marketing:

  1. Conversion and Sales Increase

The main reason why it’s best to use video marketing is to increase conversion rates! Research shows that it can boost conversion on your landing page by up to 80%. Videos that are explaining how a product works/how to use a product can encourage people to buy it. In fact, recent studies by Content Marketing and Social Media Information site DreamGrow, showed that 74% of those who watched these videos went on to purchase.

  1. Higher Retention

If you have information to tell your viewers- through a video is probably the best way to get your message across as 65% of these people watch around ¾ of them. This way, if you put the majority of your post important content into the first half, its highly likely it will get watched.

  1. Google Loves Video

Making use of a video in your online marketing efforts will undoubtedly improve your SEO. When done correctly, the chance of your site appearing on Google’s front page increases by 53 times when a video is added to your site.

  1. Better Email Click-Throughs

After spending so much time on an email. You want your efforts to be worthwhile. Try adding in a video and see your click-rates soar. It’s been proven to be more effective and doubles your rates!

  1. Encourages Social Shares

People share emotions when it comes to videos- puppies, births- all the ones that tug on your heartstrings! Research said that 76% of people would share a video with other users if it was entertaining. Shares increase traffic so make sure your videos are fun and you’re on to a winner.

  1. Appeals to Mobile Users

Since 2013, videos have increased by 233%. According to YouTube, mobile usage rises 100% every year. It is important that these videos are easily accessible and appealing to mobile users as the number is drastically increasing. When scrolling through Facebook, videos that get shared start to play automatically as you scroll over them which is a great way to attract viewer’s attention as they continue to watch.

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