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Why Effective Data Capture is Important

Capturing data from visitors to your dealership can lead to increased sales, as it will allow you to follow up on potential leads. However, it is very important that it is done properly, starting with making sure that all sales staff are trained to record the necessary customer details.

It’s also a brilliant way of re-marketing to existing customers and is a lot cheaper than spending money hand over fist, only trying to contact with new clients.

High-Quality Traffic

Effective data capture can lead to increased traffic towards specific pages of your dealership’s website. This can greatly improve your chances of securing sales, especially because traffic generated by these emails are high quality, as the people receiving them have already demonstrated an interest in the company.

Data Capture Errors

Automatic email opt-outs and errors with data capture can mean that customers visiting your showroom may never see your marketing messages even if you do successfully take their email information. Therefore, you must ensure that the right permissions for marketing activity are in place, this will be particularly important to ensure GDPR compliance.

Maintaining Connections

It is important to maintain a relationship with individuals who have made an enquiry, following these up with automated reminder emails in order to reduce the likelihood of potential customers looking elsewhere.

Alerts are also a great way of staying connected, this way a sales enquiry remains open, keeping potential customers updated on special offers and new stock which may fit their criteria.

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