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What Is Data Capture? And Why is it So Important?

What is Data Capture?

Data Capture is any method of collecting information and then changing it into a form that can be read and used by a computer.

Why is Data Capture So Important?

A good data capture strategy sets out how dealerships can collect and manage information about their customers, clients and prospects. The aim should be to deliver high quality customer data, allowing for a better understanding of your clients in order to enhance your relationship with them and drive more sales.

Capturing as much data as possible from customers is vital for car dealers, particularly if you plan on generating more profit from after sales activities such as repeat sales, MOT’s, accessories and annual services.

Collecting Data From Existing Customers

It is also a good idea for dealers to review their customer touch-points to check for opportunities to confirm customer details and perhaps add more depth. For example, if you provide a yearly reminder for MOT’s via post you could easily include a form requesting an up to date mobile phone number and email address. These can then be used to contact clients in future to promote offers and services in order to increase profits.

Why Should My Entire Business Buy into Data Capturing?

If dealers want to maintain an effective data capture strategy, the entire business must buy into the importance of the process. If your sales staff are cutting corners and not entering similar data in the same way as your accounts team, then this can cause inconsistencies in your database and reduce the usability of the data collected.

Capturing Data From Telephone Enquiries

It is also imperative that dealers effectively capture data from every telephone enquiry that they receive by logging them all into their dealer management system. This makes following up with potential clients easier and adds to a promising list of leads to market your vehicles to in the future.

Making it Easy For Customers to Submit Their Details

Dealerships should make it as easy as possible for customers to submit their information. The number of website visitors who provide their details can be hugely affected by the user journey on the site. The ease of navigation, a logical flow to the call to action, and the simplicity of the data capture form will help to ensure that you maximise the number of people who register their personal details.

Will An Effective Data Capture Strategy Help Me to Sell More Vehicles?

Many dealers often tell us that you’ll never sell a car over the phone and that the key is to get people over to your forecourt. Good enquiry management can bring people over to your dealership in droves and from there on in it’s down to your sales staff to do the business!

Once you’ve captured a potential customer’s contact details, you’ve already won half of the battle. From finance proposals to mailing list subscriptions and contact forms, these are the simple but effective data capture tools that will help to push your business to the next level.

As soon as a dealership has a consumer’s key details, they have the power to put offers and services in front of them whenever they like, this in turn can act as the bait to lure them over to your forecourt. So all in all, effective data capture is the answer to bringing in more footfall, more revenue and in turn accelerating your profits by driving more sales!

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