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Why Keyword Analysis is so Important for Dealers

Keyword analysis is the process of examining and measuring the effectiveness of the words and phrases that you use on your dealership website. For a keyword to be successful, it has to match the terms used in search queries, so that Google will consider your website to be relevant and position it highly on results pages. There are a number of reasons why keyword analysis is necessary.

Increase Your Traffic

Keyword analysis is useful because it will tell you whether or not certain words and phrases are used frequently in search queries. If you incorporate highly searched terms, such as “used car”, in your meta tags, h1 tags and general site content, your dealership’s website will be chosen to appear in search results more frequently.

Frequent appearances on search results pages increases your company’s visibility and therefore, you are likely to benefit from a higher volume of website traffic.

Increase Conversions

Just because your website receives a high volume of traffic, this may not necessarily correlate with the amount of sales leads you gain online. If you choose the wrong keywords for your website, the products and services you offer may not be what visitors expect, and they are likely to leave the site.

Keyword analysis will help you to understand what people search for when they are specifically looking for something that your dealership provides. Choosing your keywords and phrases based on this analysis is much more likely to bring you high-quality traffic that will result in conversions.

Prevent Wasteful Spending

If you are bidding on keywords, analysis is crucial because it will reveal whether or not a keyword is producing results. From this, you will be able to determine which keywords you should be allocating more of your budget to, while getting rid of keywords that are just wasting money.

Take Advantage of Trends

Search trends are constantly changing, and if you repeatedly analyse keywords, you are likely to find a fluctuation in their success rates. For example, if the latest James Bond film has just come out, you may find an increase in search queries incorporating the phrase “Aston Martin for sale”. You may be able optimise your keyword choice to mirror these trends.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Hopefully you have now been convinced of the importance of keyword analysis, but it is also vital that the process is done on a regular basis, because search trends and your competitors’ keyword choices are constantly changing.

Google AdWords gives you an account of campaign success, which will show you how much of a difference keyword changes make. It is then up to you how you want to use this data to improve your campaign. For advice on this, there are a range of online tools you can use and many digital marketing companies that specialise in keyword analysis.

The repetitive and time-consuming nature of keyword analysis deters many small businesses from engaging with it. Don’t let this be you, use this as an opportunity to get ahead of the competition!


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