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Why Your Dealership Should be on Instagram

With Instagram, you cannot put links to your website, promote your offers or thoroughly inform people about your vehicles like you could with Facebook or Twitter, so why would your dealership need to be on the platform? The main reason is brand development. There are certain features on Instagram that can be used to optimise your company’s image.

Instagram is all about the image, so you must carefully consider what this says about your dealership. Often dealerships will just post pictures of their cars, but to stand out and add a personal touch, you may want to consider adding props or subjects.

Pictures which tell a story are popular among viewers and they are more memorable, so adding people, places, props or even animals could communicate the values of your company and make your snaps a hit with viewers.

For example, if you want to promote a family car, you may want to consider using a park as the background for a picture. You could also have a group of people who look like a family next to the vehicle, and use props, such as a picnic basket, which will make viewers associate the car with a family day out.

Additionally, props that symbolise your dealership or its values can really build your brand and implant it in the viewer’s mind.


Another way you can create a positive impression is by using filters on your images. Instagram enables you to edit pictures, making them, and therefore your dealership, look professional.

For example, you could use a filter that emphasises light and dark colours so that the image really captures the viewer’s attention, or you could blur the background so that the focus is solely on the car. Instagram has a range of filters that you can get creative with.


Captions can be a great way of providing a brief summary or a key message about a product or the business that viewers will remember, but it is important that they are suitable.

You should be able to convey a message without making it so long that viewers don’t bother to read it. Snappy captions tend to get more likes.

Emojis can add personality and catch the viewers’ attention, but too many can make a post look cluttered so try to keep it to a maximum of three per post.


Adding hashtags can increase your chances of getting noticed, as when a user searches for one that has been applied to your post, they will be able to see it in the results.

Be sure to use hashtags which are specific to your post and your business as well as generic ones, so that people will associate unique words with your dealership, further building your brand.


When posting on Instagram, timing is key. It is important to put your pictures on the site when potential customers will be active.

Generally, Instagram is most used between 6pm and 7.30pm on weekdays and 11am at the weekend, so try to post then, but avoid sending numerous images at the same time.

If you link your Instagram account to the business’s Facebook profile you will be able to use Instagram analytics. This is a useful tool which tells you when your Facebook followers are most active so that you can determine an ideal time to post.

If the features discussed are utilised correctly, your brand will take shape and your business could grow dramatically, so it is definitely worth getting your dealership on Instagram.

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