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How Car Dealers Can Prepare for Q4

Q4 is typically the quietest time of year for car dealers so it is important to have a strategy in place based on industry trends and your own business performance patterns.

Throughout 2018, the used car market has generally been very healthy, with large auction companies revealing record prices, and we can expect this trend to last until the end of the year.

This year has not been quite so lucrative for new car sales, which have been down in comparison to 2017. This can be largely attributed to a shift in demand for new diesels and confusion about the WLTP regulations soon to be implemented. This has also seen dealers and manufacturers especially eager to shift new stock before the laws change in September.

If interest in new car sales does rise, we may see a clearer divide emerging between nearly new and traditional used car sectors.

Choose the Right Age

With new car retailers wanting to get rid of vehicles quickly, we can expect plenty to announce special offers. This is going to put pressure on the nearly new market and pre-registrations, so it may be best to avoid these as much as possible, or at least offer a mix of ages to balance things out.

Maintain Competitive Screen Prices

The traditional used car market should remain strong, although PCP agreements with low-rates have contributed to its prosperity and any increases in interest could affect this. It is highly unlikely that this will have a significant negative impact on used car sales, but it is worth being mindful, particularly with screen prices.

Keep a Close Eye on Stock Turn

We can’t have everything, and with such high demand for used cars, comes high acquisition prices. This has been one of the biggest issues for used car dealers this year and will continue to make it difficult to keep margins healthy. Close attention to stock turn will be vital. Click Dealer’s Aged Stock Management Products can help you stay on top of things.

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