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Click Dealer Announces New Products Set to Launch Later This Year!

Click Dealer is set to finish 2017 with a bang by launching a whole host of exciting and innovative new products to make dealer’s businesses more profitable and their lives easier!

Having listened to our customers and ascertained their wants and needs, our tech gurus have whipped out their drawing boards and set to work on satisfying demand and creating new next generation features to take our dealers to the next level and beyond!

Click’s new product set includes: Image Editor, DealTrak®  Integration, Smart Video, Video Manager and the much anticipated, ClickEngage™!

Read on for more details about what’s still to come from Click Dealer in 2017!


Arguably the most groundbreaking of Click Dealer’s latest offerings, the much-anticipated launch of ClickEngage™ has already ramped up unprecedented excitement throughout the automotive retail industry! This exceptional new tool will enable dealers to move from simply advertising their vehicles online to actually selling them online!

With ecommerce an integral part of everyday life in modern day Britain and having already revolutionised many other industries, ClickEngage™ gives dealers the power to sell their vehicles online and customers the option to pay in full or reserve their vehicle of choice by paying through the dealer’s website.

ClickEngage™ empowers consumers to configure their own online deals without the pressure of being in the showroom with a sales person, enabling dealers to demonstrate care and a personal touch as well as being head and shoulders above their rivals in terms of the high level of customer experience offered.

By using ClickEngage™, dealers will be able to significantly increase engagement and conversions, not to mention benefitting from a reduced advertising outlay and a lower cost per sale.

The latest in a long line of innovations from Click Dealer in the last year allows the user to add a part ex to a deal and get a live valuation at the same time. This level of openness and transparency is proven to convert sales and in turn will accelerate a dealership’s profitability considerably.

The innovative ClickEngage™ platform provides the customer with an array of useful information concerning the vehicle and improves finance and add on penetration as well as shortening the sales cycle.

For forward thinking dealers who are aiming to increase sales and profitability by increasing the margin in their vehicles and improving stock turn, ClickEngage™ is the next generation solution to propel their business to the next level.

Click Image Editor

Dealers shouldn’t have to be design software experts to put out stunning stock photos, nor should they have to pay for expensive editing packages to enable them to enhance the quality of their imagery.

Click Dealer’s brand new Image Editor feature enables dealers to adjust lighting, contrast and effects on images within their dealer management systems to ensure that their stock is always looking its best.

The innovative new image editor also allows the dealer to create, save and use preset image adjustments to provide a competitive edge and help their stock to stand out from the crowd.

Not only does the new Image Editor save dealers time and money, it makes their vehicles appear more attractive online, driving more leads and in turn more sales.

DealTrak®  Integration

Click Dealer has been working hard for some time now to satisfy the demand from its dealer base to provide DealTrak®  integration with its software and thanks to the super talented tech team, it has finally become a reality!

Dealers can now send deals to the DealTrak®  F&I platform as well as integrating DealTrak®  information back into their Click DMS. This makes it a lot easier for our dealer base to facilitate retention campaigns to current customers, as well as chasing new ones.

DealTrak® integration saves dealers a tremendous amount of time as they will no longer have to worry about the re-entry of information, which is always a common bug bear within the industry, especially given the long hours that many dealers already work!

Another advantage of DealTrak®  integration is that it shortens the showroom sales process as well as improving the consumer experience, meaning that customers are more likely to feel comfortable buying add on products.

Whilst saving time is great, the opportunity to engineer effective finance retention marketing is something that should excite dealers because it enables them to keep on top of their current customer base and contact people when their current package is up for renewal, before they start to think about going to a different dealer for their next car.

Click Smart Video

When Click Dealer found out that its customers were being charged exorbitant rates by external video agencies to create product footage with overlays and captions, we knew we had to do something about it to protect our dealers!

With that in mind, Click Dealer has created Click Smart Video to enable our dealers to showcase stock using video footage to provide their customers with a superior user experience.

Now, with just a few clicks of a mouse and no prior video editing experience, dealers can easily and quickly create brilliant video content on their stock and provide customers with useful, well-presented information about their vehicles.

The new Click Smart Video feature will help dealers to increase their online engagement in the ever-competitive automotive retail market and in turn accelerate their conversion rates. Utilising the new tool could not be any easier as all dealers will need to setup the Smart Video is a valid Vimeo or YouTube account!

Click Video Manager

Click Video Manager streamlines management and integration of videos onto different web platforms, as well as enabling dealers to demonstrate vehicle features in a slick and informative video format, thus providing a rich user experience for potential clients.

The seamless, easy integration of videos into vehicle adverts is another brilliant feature of Click Video Manager which will no doubt help dealers to become the envy of their rivals. If dealers don’t want to type out an email or pick up the phone, they can even respond to customer enquiries with videos if they so wish.

Click Dealer’s technical development team has pulled out all the stops to allow dealers to easily upload videos into their DMS as well as to Vimeo or YouTube accounts. It’s also simple to import videos from existing Vimeo and YouTube accounts into the DMS and showcase them against stock.

For more information or to register your interest in any of Click Dealer’s soon to be launched products, contact us on marketing@clickdealer.co.uk, 01782 904 715 or via our contact page.


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