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Click Dealer’s Top Five Part Exchange Tips for Car Dealers

When it comes to part exchanges, customers will always be wary of whether or not they are getting a good deal, so you need to instil confidence in them, while making sure there is plenty in it for you.

In order to make sure that there is enough profit in a part exchange deal, your staff will need to know a vehicle’s resale value, so that they know how much to offer customers.

Here are five tips for part exchanges that will help to make the process efficient and satisfactory for both you and your customers.

  1. Make a Good First Impression

Often, when a customer wants to arrange a part exchange deal, their first interaction with your dealership will be via your website. Whether you have a valuation form, where individuals can apply for a quote, or a system like ClickEngage™, which allows them to receive an instant offer based on parameters pre-set by you, the process needs to be simple and straightforward.

  1. Be Prepared

When customers come into your dealership looking to arrange a part-exchange deal, chances are, they’ll come prepared. Determined to get a good price, they will usually try to do a bit of research. This means your sales team need to know what they’re talking about, so arm them with data!

Trade guides, retail equivalents, competitors’ prices, private ads; keeping a close eye on all of the above will not only ensure you make a profit, but it will present your team as experts, so customers will be more willing to put their faith in you.

  1. Conduct Vehicle Assessments with Your Customers

If possible, try to carry out your assessment of a customer’s vehicle while they are there. You can glean more information about the car’s condition, and it also shows the current owner everything you are factoring into your valuation, so they can be confident that it is an accurate offer, rather than a ball-park estimation.

  1. Take Photos

It is a good idea to take pictures as soon as possible to help you spot any areas of the vehicle where work is needed. It also means you can get it on your website and start advertising straight away.

  1. Be Consistent

Consistency throughout your work will make your car dealership look professional. To achieve consistency, your staff need to receive the same training. Even if you have hired someone with years of experience with part exchanges, make sure that they understand how you do things at your dealership.

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