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ClickDMS Provides Comprehensive FCA Gabriel and VAT Reports To Save You Time

Here at Click Dealer, we understand that writing reports and bookkeeping can be incredibly time-consuming. If you’re a small business, this probably means you’re missing out on time that you could be using to run your dealership more effectively.

As a performance partner to over 1,400 independent dealers, we developed our DMS system to help save dealers time, allowing them to maximise their potential profits. One of these extremely useful timesaving features is the ability to automatically generate comprehensive reports about how your dealership is performing.

When it comes to VAT returns, there are numerous complications for car dealers. Separating your vehicles based on VAT type and working out how many VAT qualifiers you have sold and have in stock can take a long time. It is the objective of Click Dealer’s VAT Reports to simplify matters.

Make Your Life Easier With ClickDMS

Rather than you having to do three days’ worth of calculations at the end of each accounting period and running the risk of human errors being made, our report allows you to run your full VAT return at the touch of a button from the information you will have entered into our system each time you update a vehicle’s status.

We have designed this feature to be easy to navigate so that it can be used by anyone, even if they are not a professional accountant or bookkeeper. With this solution, producing a VAT report will be an efficient, straightforward process.

Reports can be exported to CSV and you can give your accountants access to them, so the transition between products is seamless. Additionally, the way in which Click Dealer has built the VAT Report function mirrors what must be submitted to HM Revenue and Customs, so, with our system, your VAT returns couldn’t be easier!

Generate Your FCA Gabriel Report

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is the governing body for all finance-related issues in the motor industry. In 2016, it introduced a report to be submitted by vehicle dealers, called the Gabriel Report. The purpose of this report is for dealers to disclose information about their finance agreements to the FCA.

The report should include a number of details: how many finance plans have been agreed, how much commission has been made from finance, the company turnover and whether or not any finance-related complaints have been made, such as if the finance company has asked the dealer to unwind a deal when the customer refused to make their repayments.

Save Time By Using ClickDMS

This kind of report can be extremely time-consuming if you are doing all of the calculations manually. The FCA could request a Gabriel Report regarding financial data from within a specific date range (normally a quarter). This could date back to a year ago and if you are finding all of the necessary information from paper-based invoices or Excel documents, this will be an incredibly long-winded process.

Knowing how busy our dealers are, Click Dealer wanted to devise a solution to make producing a Gabriel Report quick and easy. Our system enables you to gather all of the information required by the FCA in an instant. You can easily filter the data using appropriate time parameters.

With our FCA Gabriel Report function, all you have to do is press a button and the report will appear. Ready for you to submit, which can save you hours of time that could be better spent actually running your dealership.

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