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Clickers Hopeful Ahead of Midlands Business Awards!

Tonight’s the night of the Midlands Business Awards 2019 and 10 of our own Clickers will be putting their glad rags on to attend!

The Midlands Business Awards is held annually to celebrate the successes of entrepreneurs and companies within the region, and this year, the ceremony will be taking place in Leicester.

Eight Clickers, randomly selected out of a hat, will be joining the company directors as representatives for Click Dealer, and there is plenty of buzz in the office about the event!

Click Dealer has been nominated for three separate awards: the Midlands Innovation of the Year Award, the Midlands Family Business of the Year Award and the Midlands Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Midlands Innovation of the Year Award – Click Engage™

The Midlands Innovation of the Year Award will be given to a business which has created a product or service that makes a significant impact in their industry. This product or service will be judged on how it benefits customers or society and how it has helped business growth. Our online retailing platform, ClickEngage™ has been nominated for this award.

Midlands Family Business of the Year Award – Click Dealer

This trophy will be awarded to a family-owned business that has been established for two or more years. Companies from any sector can be nominated and must be able to demonstrate sustained success across a range of measures, making the company that Gerry, and now his daughter Pippa and son Ollie Moxham have grown, eligible.

Midlands Entrepreneur of the Year Award – Gerry Moxham, Managing Director

This award will be given to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding personal entrepreneurial performance, leading to outstanding achievement, significant business breakthroughs and growth. This person must also outline their goals for the next five years. Full of imagination and ambition, us Clickers can think of nobody better suited to win this award than our managing director, Gerry Moxham!

Stay tuned to find out if Click Dealer win more awards to add to our growing collection!

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