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Click DMS can help you maximise the potential of your customer data and manage leads

It’s important to record your leads and customers digitally in this day and age for a number of reasons. Not only is your data protected from things such as fire, theft, or a computer crashing but the ability to utilise this data is much easier when it’s available to you at the push of a button from at home, or away from the dealership, in a safe online system.

If you are not using a system like Click Dealer’s to store your customer data, it will most likely be kept in a Microsoft Excel document, where you will not be able to do much with it other than add, copy and paste customer details. Click Dealer’s Customer Database offers so much more.

With Click Dealer, you can keep all of your information safely housed in one place in your DMS. Our database is not just for storing customer details, it also acts as a marketing tool, enabling dealers to communicate easily with their customers via physical mailshots, text messages, email campaigns and soon, video campaigns.

This eliminates the need to use multiple sources to send out marketing communications to customers because everything is in one place, which will save you valuable time. You can simply select your method of communication and seamlessly send messages to your customers without having to go through the time-consuming process of copying and inputting their contact information manually.

Lead Management

The DMS is also a great tool for inputting new customer data and tracking the progress of a customers sales journey. How often are enquiries scribbled down on a scrap of paper, on a whiteboard, or simply just taken to memory? Do you have full visibility of what deals your sales team are working on and the stage they’re at? Well when you log your enquiries with ClickDMS, not only are they safe, you can monitor their progress and see which vehicles have leads attached.

When the lead converts to a sale, the details are automatically entered into your database. At this time we’ll automatically send them an email asking them to opt in to receiving marketing emails such as when the finance is expiring or a service is due. This way you can easily send out communications with the customer at a convenient time to maximise the chances of retention, whilst also not needing to worry about GDPR.

For more information about ClickDMS, please contact the Clickers via help@clickdealer.co.uk or alternatively, call 01782 478 220!



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