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How Dealers Can Improve the Digital Car Buying Experience

Customer expectations are growing, and digital automotive landscapes are evolving to keep up with them, but car dealers themselves are generally slow to adopt new technologies, which impedes the development of modern, more efficient vehicle purchase processes.

Failure to integrate digital methods within the business is costing dealerships money. Enquiries are being neglected, pushing customers to look elsewhere, and opportunities for sales disappear with them. This is down to poor lead management, a problem that is so simple to fix with the right attitude.

Neglecting Email Enquiries

A recent report published by CarGurus revealed that half of online enquiries receive poor response rates from car dealers. Dealers were taking too long to reply, and many customers found that when they did get a response, it was from someone who was unable to help with the query.

Around a quarter of buyers choose email as their first method of contact with a car dealer, and if they are dissatisfied with the response, they are likely to be deterred, which may result in them looking elsewhere. This could potentially mean a high number of lost leads.

More importance needs to be placed on attending to enquiries and lead management, and if this is something that your dealership struggles with, it is worth considering new digital solutions.

Utilising New Technologies to Meet Customer Demands

As consumers, we have been spoilt by fast-reacting companies, who offer immediate responses and one-day delivery, and this has led car buyers to demand instant gratification. As customer expectations have risen, the industry is shaping itself to accommodate this.

Click Dealer’s online retailing platform, ClickEngage™ is just one example of new technology designed to help dealers meet the increasing demands of car buyers, offering instant responses to keep customers happy and doubling up as lead management software to make dealers’ lives easier. There are also live chat services, social media auto-response tools and various other digital solutions available.

Time to Evolve

Customer demands have changed, industry suppliers have adapted by offering new technologies, and now, the last piece of the puzzle is for car dealers to evolve. There is a need for dealers to recognise the changes that are occurring around them and take a proactive approach to lead management by implementing new digital technologies in their business.

This will make car purchases more efficient and less of a hassle for customers and, at the same time, easier and more profitable for dealers. Everybody wins! The question that remains is, is your dealership willing to evolve?

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