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Does Your Dealership Need an SEO Health Check?

SEO can be a confusing topic and, although it may not be a subject that you want to think about, search engine optimisation can get your business more visibility, more leads and more conversions, so it is definitely worth improving.

It is hard to know how optimised your dealership’s website is and where to start to improve it, but the following common SEO issues should help you determine whether or not your dealership needs an SEO health check.


The single most common issue that we find with business’s on-page SEO is lack of image optimisation. More specifically, missing title and alt attributes, which are used to describe images.

It is problematic when images do not have alt and title text because it is impossible for search engines to read pictures. This means that they will be virtually invisible to them.

In addition to this, alt and title attributes give you a chance to add keywords that might make search engines identify your page as relevant to a particular search query and rank you higher on their results page. Image optimisation can also increase traffic to your site from Google image search.


Content SEO

Google released an algorithm change called ‘Panda’ in 2011, which means that pages with low-quality content do not perform so well in search results. The two main factors which determine the quality are the amount of content and whether it is duplicated.

It is Google’s job to find the best possible answer to its users’ queries, and pages that are rich in content are likely to be more informative and contain what the user is looking for. Building up the content on your site could be very advantageous for your dealership’s SEO.

If Google has reason to believe that content has been copied across your website or multiple sites with intent to manipulate search results, it will be penalised, so cleaning up duplicate content on your site may make a significant difference.


Search engines try to deliver websites, which users will have a good experience on and so broken links can be detrimental to a site’s SEO. Links to and from high quality websites can signal to Google that a website is high quality, but if these are broken, they will be ignored by search engines.

It can be highly profitable in terms of SEO to have links to your dealership’s site from other websites because Google will see that you have been recommended by an authoritative source. You may want to try to initiate relationships with blog sites and start building links.

These are some basic factors which should help you determine whether or not your SEO needs improvement, but there is a lot to SEO, and if you are concerned about these aspects, it may be useful to conduct an SEO audit to identify areas of your website which might be causing issues so that you can fix them.

For an SEO health check from Click Dealer, get in touch today to receive a free quote by emailing marketing@clickdealer.co.uk or calling us on 01782 904 715. Alternatively, you can message us via our contact page!

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