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Why Your Dealership Needs Search Engine Optimisation!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about helping your website achieve a higher rank in search results pages, increasing the likelihood of consumers clicking through to your website. This will result in more leads and ultimately more sales, and it is a highly effective form of marketing. Below, are the main reasons why your dealership NEEDS SEO!

Better Ranking = More Leads

Customers do not want to spend time looking through numerous search results to find what they are looking for, and if your website ranks highly on search engine results pages, it is likely to receive more clicks. Users tend to see high-ranking sites as more respectable and industry leaders.

A 2017 study by Ignite Visibility found that more than 65 per cent of clicks on Google’s first results page go to the first 5 results, with the click-through rate declining as the position of the result increases. After the first page of results, the click-through rate continues to decline. This shows that SEO can significantly increase the amount of leads you receive through your website.

Search Engine Marketing Drives the Best Results

TV and print advertising reaches a broad audience, while search engine marketing is tailored to people actually looking for your products and services in your local area, and therefore has a strong chance of converting. So, not only does SEO bring in more leads, as the point above demonstrates, but the leads it generates are of a distinctly higher quality.

Search Engine Optimisation Puts You Ahead of Your Competition

I have already established that the higher you rank, the more leads you will gain, but the additional benefit of this it that if you appear higher on search results pages than your competitors, your website will receive more attention and more consumers will choose you over your rivals.

Increased Visibility Improves Brand Awareness

You could offer the lowest prices in your local area, the best vehicles or the highest standard of customer service, but if nobody knows you exist, people are not going to come to you! The purpose of SEO is to increase your online visibility, and the more your brand is brought into the spotlight, the more consumers will become aware of your dealership, and consider you when they are looking to purchase.

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