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Should Your Dealership be Using Image Overlays?

Image overlays are essentially pieces of text, images or digital artwork, which are placed on top of a picture, and the final merged image can be uploaded to your website or advertising portals. An eye-catching overlay can be a particularly persuasive tool.


If you are advertising your stock on channels other than your own website, it can be difficult to make your vehicles stand out. Competitive pricing is one way to entice customers to choose your cars, but another is image overlays.

You could add text about a vehicle’s features, such as ‘Comes with optional fitted extras’ or the branding of a widely-trusted third-party company offering ‘free 12-month breakdown cover’. You can also add overlays to promote special offers or finance deals that you have on. A vehicle advertisement with an overlay reading: ‘Winter Sale: 10% off’ is a lot more tempting than a plain image of a car.

Branding Overlays

Click Dealer Image Overlays

Another fantastic thing about image overlays is that they allow you to add branding to your images, which is especially useful for social media posts and advertising platforms. Incorporating your company colours, logo or motto on photos of stock can be very beneficial for increasing awareness of your dealership.

Social Media

With so much time spent on social media these days, networking sites offer plenty of potential. On these platforms, your images can be liked, shared and commented on, and overlays describing promotions, finance deals and vehicle details are much more likely to be engaged with.

The great thing about social media is that news spreads quickly. Imagine one of your Facebook followers sees an image of a vehicle you have in stock and immediately thinks of a friend or relative who is looking to buy. They are likely to tag this person in your post.

Not only does this mean that a lead has been generated, but it also means that your image will appear on the feeds of that user’s Facebook friends. The average person has over 300 friends on Facebook, so if your image features your logo and signature colours, your brand could be seen by a significant number of people.

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