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Fix Your Leaky Leads Bucket with Enhanced Enquiry Management and Online Retailing Platform – ClickEngage™

Dealerships now have more advertising platforms and enquiry channels than ever before, making it incredibly difficult to keep up with leads, especially when they’re coming in thick and fast, at all hours of the day.

In today’s climate, it is crucial for dealers to ascertain how effectively their different advertising channels are performing, because there’s usually a direct correlation between how dealerships are managing their own enquiries and leads and how well they’re converting.

Consumers Have Moved on from 9-5 Retailing

With almost 20 years of automotive retail experience and over 1200 UK dealership customers, Click Dealer believes that by increasing the focus on enquiry management, dealerships can close more sales without investing more money in advertising, but by concentrating on improving their conversion rate.

Consumers are no longer happy operating under the constraints of 9-5 retailing as they want to interact with businesses at any time of the day or night, even when they’re closed. This means that being first to respond is imperative, to give dealers the maximum chance of converting an enquiry into a sale, this is why Click Dealer has developed ClickEngage™ to be an automated enquiry response tool.

Instant Finance Decisions and Reservation Fees Are the Future

ClickEngage™ enables customers to build their own deal, including part-ex valuations and add-on products, as well as providing multi-lender finance options with instant decisions. Consumers can even leave a reservation fee to secure their vehicle of choice before picking it up from a dealership.

The revolutionary online retailing platform is setup to automatically reply to portal enquiries too and even integrates with Click Dealer website platforms, in some cases we have seen dealership enquiries increase by as much as 59.4% since going live on ClickEngage™.

Excellent Lead Management is Essential to Succeeding as a Digital Dealership

Through ClickEngage™ busy dealers can reply to leads directly at the point of enquiry by sending a text and email out simultaneously, as soon as potential customers have shown an interest in a vehicle online.

Both the SMS and email messages have the capability to push out finance options and add-on product deals twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, so that consumers can get the full picture without having to call or visit a dealership directly.

The automated enquiry answering process within ClickEngage™ also removes the possibility of human error and provides a smooth, seamless, first impression for dealerships who aren’t prepared to stand still.

ClickEngage™ is a phenomenal tool for shoring up the enquiry process for dealers by taking care of their sales and lead management automatically. All leads from major advertising portals such as AutoTrader, Car Gurus and Motors are set up to drop straight into ClickEngage™, where they can be dealt with via the new and improved enquiry screen.

Disparate Systems Are Becoming a Thing of the Past

ClickEngage Leads

Within ClickEngage™’s fully integrated enquiry management software, dealers can create actions for their sales teams to call-back leads and even set the time and dates to make contact. The system is also ideal for writing notes about previous correspondence with prospects, compiling any complaints and setting any other relevant customer reminders.

Because of the all-encompassing nature of ClickEngage™, the enquiry management system can even be used to track people who have called, emailed or walked into the dealership to enquire about a vehicle. As soon as their details have been keyed in, dealers or sales staff can send a link out to give prospects a full breakdown of a vehicle, it’s key selling points, finance options and add-on products, for a slick, professional customer experience.

ClickEngage™: The Future of Online Vehicle Retailing

Richard Manning, Managing Director of Hilton Garage, Derby said of ClickEngage™: “The level of integration available with ClickEngage™ means that the leads just drop straight into our DMS, it’s so much more efficient and we’re already reaping the benefits as a business.”

Gone are the days of writing down leads on post it notes and in little black books. Managing customer data improperly could have serious financial repercussions for dealerships now GDPR is being enforced and ClickEngage™ can help to alleviate any worries, as well as accelerating dealer’s profits and saving them valuable time!

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