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The Importance of PPC Bid Optimisation for Dealers

PPC advertising uses an auction model, requiring businesses to bid against each other for ad visibility. An advertiser’s bid is the maximum amount that they are prepared to pay for each click that their advert receives and it helps to determine the order in which ads are displayed.

What Makes the Ideal Bid?

A good bid is one that enables your advert to achieve a high enough position to gain valuable clicks and impressions, without the cost of the clicks outweighing their benefits. In other words, you need to make sure that you are making a profit.

Finding the ideal bid is no easy task because there are various factors which can influence each auction.


There will always be new advertisers wanting to start bidding on the same keywords as you and their budgets will fluctuate, which means that they will be continuously altering their bids.

Bid OptimisationTrends

As a car dealer, you will be aware that interest in purchasing vehicles peaks and diminishes depending on what time of year it is. Seasonal changes as well as current events can cause a surge or decline in queries including particular keywords. For example, the recent diesel scandal is likely to have had an impact on the amount of people researching diesel cars.

Bid Optimisation

Constant changes in competition and trends mean that the ideal bid will never remain the same for long, so to you will need to engage in bid optimisation to ensure that you perform well in auctions.

Bid optimisation is the process of improving your PPC bids so that you pay less for more clicks! It involves analysing your Google AdWords data to determine what is and isn’t working. Based on this data, you will need to reconsider the keywords that you are bidding on.

You must conduct keyword research to find the best combination of words that are both highly searched and low-cost. Bid optimisation requires a lot of attention, but it is necessary to make sure that you generate the highest return on investment possible.

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