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We’re doing our part as the industry’s leading dealership performance partner by offering some simple and easily implemented marketing tips, to save you time and maximise your profits and efficiency.

This is part two of our tips list, filled with some helpful advice so that you can navigate the relentlessly changing marketing side of the automotive industry. If you haven’t read part one yet then you can catch up by clicking here.

1.) Tailor Your Marketing to Every Device

mobile marketing

Who doesn’t have a mobile phone these days? The reality is, your marketing is more likely to be seen on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet than it is on a computer. When you’re sending out emails, try testing it first to see how it display on mobile devices as well as on a desktop. If the formatting is all over the pace and it’s unreadable on a smaller screen, you could lose a huge number of potential customers.

When it comes to going after leads, using tools such as social media can really help hit your audience while they’re on a break at work or at home. Does anyone really go home from work and sit at a computer much anymore? A survey in 2018 found that users of smartphones use them approximately two hours and forty-seven minutes every day. Large chunks of that time will be flicking between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. Make sure you’re promoting your business on as many social platforms as possible for this reason. It increases your chances of being seen.

A final note on this topic would be to make sure your website is compatible with all devices. If a customer can’t browse it correctly on mobile then don’t expect them to try again later on a computer, they will leave and find a website they can access from their pocket, not their desk. If you’re worried about the functionality of your website on mobile or tablet devices, Click can help! Find out more about our Responsive Websites by clicking here! 

2.) It’s Not All About Clicks

If your sole purpose on social media is focusing on ‘how many clicks can we get?’ Then you might be disappointed by the results. If you focus your campaigns too vigorously on getting clicks, you’ll find that your post engagement levels will suffer. This is due to Facebook’s algorithm for identifying how to run adverts. The more engagements you have on a post, the cheaper your impressions will be. Lead generation forms are great for capturing customer data, but they’re not always hot leads and conversion rates are rather low.

Remember that social media is now the first point of call for most customers. You can use it to help them by addressing concerns, offering advice, communicating and even taking bookings and appointments. There is an ever-growing list of people who hate talking on the phone, be that because of anxiety, a lack of trust in an unseen person on the other side, or as simple as not wanting to sit in a queue and bounce from department to department. This has brought about a rise in social media-based and web-based enquiries. It’s good practice to respond to a customer in the way they have chosen to initiate contact with you whenever possible. Don’t ask a customer to give you a call to discuss a car in more detail if they’ve just sent you an email, build up the trust first.

3.) Analyse Your Ads and Learn From Failure

Marketing adverts

Whichever platform you prefer to advertise on, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or your own website, there will be a facility to review your ads and display the analytics. Use this on a daily basis when running adverts. The beauty of these ads is you only spend money when they’re getting a lot of impressions, but you need to make sure they’re the right impressions. If you are getting zero leads after you’ve spent £50, check the analytics, maybe you can change the targeting in some way. You can make sure you only spend money when it’s wise to spend money, run ads at times of the day your page has the most traffic and turn ads off when engagement is usually low. This will keep your spend down and hopefully your engagement levels high.

Don’t worry if an advert fails. It’s all about experimenting. Try different targeting methods, make sure there is not a lot of text in the imagery as this can handicap ads on Facebook especially, keep your text brief and to the point. Test different budgets, times of the day and advert types. Use analytics to see if it works, and if not, move on quickly before you spend any more money.

Click has a great deal of expertise in running PPC ads and Social Media adverts. If this is something that is an alien concept to you, we’d be happy to offer some advice or talk you through our PPC and Social Media Management packages. You can find out more by clicking the links below.

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