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Meet the Clickers – Dave Perry

Episode 52 of Meet the Clickers is here! This week I sat down with none other than Dave Perry. Read on to learn more about driving to Finland and being a top DJ!

Hi Dave, I hope you’re well. Could you tell us all how you started at Click please?

I’m good thanks! I started at Click almost four years ago now. I’d been self employed for over 10 years but decided to take on some extra work, that’s when I saw Click were advertising. At the time Web was made up of Ollie and Kyle and Tech had Graeme and Mike; we’ve grown a lot since then! I was soon offered the first Front-End Developer role at Click and since then I’ve never looked back!

 Good stuff, how has your job changed since you started here?

As I said before, I started off on a part-time basis, then I was made the Lead Front-End Developer in February 2015.

I’ve designed and developed some of our biggest bespoke client’s websites and I’ve done this whilst producing over 100 standard websites per year as well, I wouldn’t like to guess how many I’ve done since I started!

Recently I’ve been focusing on improving the user experience of our websites. Analysing, testing and designing better layouts, features and searches to improve the user journey and increase conversions. We’ve already had some great results.

That’s an incredible amount of work! If you became a dictator, what would your first law be?

I don’t think I’d last very long, I’d be assassinated pretty quickly! For the short time I am in charge though, I’d probably eliminate tax.

I hear you like to create your own music, what genre is it and how did you get into it?

Yeah, I have a go at making Hip Hop and chilled beats. It’s something I do for fun. I’ve recently started to make Drum and Bass, I still need some practise though!

Where’s the most interesting place you’ve visited?

Me and some friends drove to Finland. We spent almost a month there and absolutely loved it. We stayed in a log cabin in the woods on the edge of a lake. I’ve never been so chilled out and relaxed. I’m definitely going back sometime soon. It’s an amazing place and I’d highly recommend it!

That’s certainly an experience! I’ve heard stories about the first Click Christmas party, what happened there?

I don’t remember a lot about it to be honest. I think it involved some Tequila, a park bench and a moped…

Those three items are bound to make for a good story! What’s your favourite way to spend your free time?

That’s probably not appropriate for here! Currently I’m into Tomahawking and firebombing people on Read Dead Redemption on the Xbox.

I’ve been told you’re fond of 80’s music, who’re your favourite artist/group?

I put ABBA and the Bee Gees on the banned list in the office and Gold by Spandau Ballet! In fact, all 80’s pop was banned, especially Kev’s party list!

Surely a bit of MJ can make it on though? What’s one thing you’d buy if money was no option?

I’d probably kit out a nice recording studio and buy a yacht with a speedboat.

I think I’d buy Port Vale’s stadium, a second training ground for Crewe would look really good on there! What do you love most about working at Click?

Working in a team that can get stuff done. The web team have created some amazing websites and features and we’re still getting better and better.

Part of my role is to mentor the other developers and to see how they have developed into some of the best designer/developers in the industry is personally great to see.

Gerry, Ollie and Pip are great too. The company has expanded considerably in my four years, yet they still have time to ask how you are whenever they see you.

That’s great Dave, being here as long as you have, I’m sure it’s pretty surreal to think just how much we’ve grown!

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