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Meet the Clickers – Jake Mallin

Meet the Clickers - Jake Mallin

The Clickers are back once again to bring you episode 12 of our meet the team campaign!

To start September off, I caught up with Jake Mallin in the web department.

Jake, wonderful to have you here mate. Could you tell us when you joined Click Dealer?

“Good morning Mr Podmore, it’s a pleasure as always. Officially, since June 2015. However, I’ve been on a full-time contract for two years now following a three month placement after graduating from university.”

Lovely stuff, could you give us an insight to your current role at Click?

“As part of the Web Delivery team, I pretty much do exactly what it says on the tin, deliver websites to both new and existing customers who require a refresh. We create websites from a brief specified by the dealer.

Aside from that I’d like to think I’m pretty helpful to the rest of the team and an all round good egg.”

Now Jake, I know you’re a massive fan of music, so this will be a tough one. If you were stranded on a desert island and you could only take one album with you, what would it be and why?

“Tough is an understatement… I’ll go for an album that I can listen to pretty much whenever, that hasn’t yet got boring after several listens. Foals – Total Life Forever. It has to be the deluxe version too which has a few remixes on for when we need to get the ‘Bose on.’ I’d also like to give a special mention to pretty much anything by Oasis, Royal Blood and Cajun Dance Party too.”

If you could witness an event past, present or future, what would it be?

“Another toughie, Stoke 1972 League Cup Final, England 1966 World Cup? Once in a lifetime events those.”

What are you most looking forward to in the next 10 years?

“I’m at a stage in my life where I probably need to start growing up, so probably getting my own place and moving onto that next stage of my life. Oh & Vegas in September. Yeah we’ll delay that growing up a bit for a few more months!”

At Click, you are the sausage roll king. Could you tell the readers how many of them you consume in a week and what it is with the savoury sausage snack that just makes you tick?

“I don’t know where I get this reputation from, honest. Well, each day my packed lunch contains a small sausage roll, so we’re talking a minimum of five a week. Just the other day I saw and devoured my first Morrisons foot long. It was sensational, I totally recommend it to anyone.”

Who is your favourite Clicker?

“Wow. Not one to single anyone out! Everyone’s my favourite.”

What’s your favourite piece of clothing you own?

“One of many pairs of trainers probably, a pair of 2010 Adidas London Size? Exclusive. Only 500 pairs made!”

What job do you think you would be really good at?

“Full-time karaoke singer.”

Haha, Liam Gallagher eat your heart out. What would be your ideal way to spend the weekend?

“A few pints when Friday ends, then Saturday is football day, the odd weekend consists of a late night watching UFC, accompanied by my newest love, Jäger (Thanks Ben!) Sunday is generally spent relaxing/recovering, but it generally consists of a bit more football.”

Last but not least, what do you love most about working at Click?

“Click gave me and plenty of others an opportunity, this is my first proper work role. Coming out of university after graduating can be tough for many, but Click provided me with an opportunity that I must have impressed in, as it landed me in my current role almost two years to the day later.

There’s plenty more to love about Click too, but if I had to choose one it would be that, providing opportunities to people like myself.”

Couldn’t agree more, mate! The opportunities Click have given to many from the local area are fantastic to see and be a part of.

If there are any Karaoke companies out there looking for a first class performer, look no further than our man Jake Mallin. Watch the video below to see him belting out an Oasis classic in the local boozer! Apologies in advance to your ears.

If you’re a web developer and fancy becoming a Clicker like Jake, we are currently looking for a new person to join the web team in a full-time capacity! For more information about the position and how you can apply, please see here – https://www.clickdealer.co.uk/careers/junior-web-developer/



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