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Opportunities Created at Each Stage of a Car Purchase

Purchasing a car is rarely a straightforward process. According to the 2017 Auto Trader Car Buyers Report, around half of consumers changed their mind about the make and model of car that they were considering buying at least once. These reconsiderations happen at various stages in the purchase process.

The Research Stage

For the majority of people, buying a car is a big decision and thorough research is required to get it right. The first place most consumers go to conduct this research is the internet.

There are so many options when it comes to buying a car, such as which make and model to choose, whether to buy new or used, petrol, diesel or electric and where to buy from, consumers can easily become overwhelmed and frustrated and they will seek guidance amongst the uncertainty.

Although it is scary to open yourself up to criticism, having no reviews can be just as damaging as having negative ones. If customers are given no indication of what to expect, they may well dismiss your dealership immediately. Transparency is highly valued in the car purchase process.

The Preferences Stage

After researching, consumers will narrow down their options. They may have a few models and dealerships in mind at this stage but may struggle to make a final decision.

Try to include lots of detail about your dealership and stock on your website. Having a number of images and videos that allow visitors to view every aspect of your vehicles will provide transparency, showing them that they can trust your dealership.

If these buyers call or come to your dealership for guidance, make sure that you listen to their needs and preferences carefully and provide excellent advice.

The Decision Stage

When the time comes to make a decision, buyers will visit 2.2 physical forecourts on average (according to Auto Trader’s report) so if yours is amongst these, you have good odds.

You just need to make sure that your stock is accurately priced, in good condition and that your service is always impeccable.

The Purchase Stage 

Even when a decision has been made, there is still a chance that a customer will back out of a transaction if they are not 100 per cent sure about it. They will want to feel certain not only that they have picked the right car, but also that they will not be hit with unexpected costs and complexities.

At this point, they need reassurance. You should outline the process, telling them exactly what to expect and assuring them that there will be no nasty surprises.

Many buyers become so frustrated by the whole purchase process, after investing so much time in it, that they give in and end up with a car that is not really what they want. If customers leave dissatisfied with their purchase, they are unlikely to return. It is important to offer transparency, advice, guidance and reassurance throughout their journey, as this will be beneficial for both parties in the long run.

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