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The Hidden Benefits of Blogging for your Business

Does your website have a blog? No? Why not? While blogging might not seem like a pressing matter when you have customers pacing the forecourt, it’s a handy little tool for your dealership to have.

A blog, in its simplest form, is a regularly updated section of your website that offers editorial content to your customers. Whilst a blog might still be insightful and informational, its tone is usually more personal than your website’s main pages. Think of your blog more as an opportunity to reach out and build relationships with your potential customers with the thoughts, feelings, and findings of your staff rather than as a selling tool.

That’s not to say that blogs can’t be great sales tools, on the contrary – a blog is a fantastic sales tool! Your blog gives you the chance to tell a story, to show your customers why you are a business that they can trust and should buy from. A blog allows you to flex your industry expertise and show customers that you can walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

Will reap the SEO rewards that blogging can sow

As a business, a significant draw of implementing a blog is the natural boost that it will give to your business’ search engine ranking. A higher rank means more people finding and visiting your dealership’s website.

One of the key indicators that search engines look for when deciding their rankings is freshness.
• How often is this website updated?
• How often is the content refreshed?
• How often are its staff tending to it?
• How unique is the content?
• Are all the links up to date?

These are just some of the questions that a search engine is asking your website. The more often you add fresh content, the higher search engines will score your website.

By featuring a blog on your website and adding new content regularly, your business will reap the SEO rewards that blogging can sow. If you’re saying to yourselves, “But I don’t have time!” We hear you – planning, writing, and managing a blog is a time-consuming task, especially if content writing isn’t one of your strong suits.

So, if you’d prefer to focus your attentions on the sales floor, we can happily set up and manage your dealership’s blog for you. We have a team of dedicated content crafters here at Click Dealer who will polish your blog to perfection with their wordsmithing and SEO knowhow.

If you’d like to find out more about how Click Dealer can help your dealership to maximise its blogging potential, then please get in touch with us on 01782 478 220 or by email using marketing@clickdealer.co.uk


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