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Revhead Ramblings: Volvo’s Test Drive Trial on Amazon is a Sign of Things to Come

I can’t remember a time I’ve searched on Amazon and found they don’t have what I want. Everything from food to computers, table mats to phone cases; they’re all available at the push of a button.

There are countless new products added every day, however in the not too distant future, don’t be surprised if you see a car in your suggested items.

The Idea

Volvo’s latest idea is to give potential customers the option of booking a test drive via Amazon; you just fire up your computer, book your slot and a nice man from Volvo will deliver your Swedish ride. Upon closer inspection, it isn’t quite as revolutionary as it seems, it’s only available in four cities for four weekends but it’s a start nonetheless!


If you do decide the V40 is the car for you, you still have to make your way down to a physical dealership and the only difference between booking a test drive on Amazon and Volvo’s own website is the front door delivery- this makes it easy to view the feature as a gimmick. However, Volvo aren’t the only ones at it, Ford have tried a similar method with Chinese site Alibaba by setting up an app-controlled test drive vending machine.

Subscription Service

Geely, Volvo’s owners aren’t just trying to innovate the test drive process, their plan for the Polestar is to offer it via a subscription service; incorporating servicing, insurance, maintenance and the cost of the car in a monthly bill. Lynk&Co are trying to develop a similar platform, with an app that enables users to share their car with others when not in use.


Other than giving the old Top Gear crew a home and selling some decorative hanging dice, Amazon haven’t even looked at the automotive world. So, the fact that they’re getting involved with Volvo is very significant. When Amazon take to a new sector, they don’t do so half-heartedly, they’ll no doubt be throwing all of their resources at this venture in order to make it a resounding success. While it’s currently only a test drive service, it’ll give both Amazon and Volvo a good indication as to how willing people are to buy cars online.

Car Sharing

It also lays the groundwork for another market, on-demand car sharing. This could see us in the future, ordering cars via Amazon and having them delivered to our doors, forget our current car hire situation, simply log-in to the app, press order and wait for it to be dropped off; it makes a great deal of sense.


So far with Amazon, we’re only looking at booking test drives online and that’s been done before. The delivery aspect is new, and while intriguing it’s hardly revolutionary.

What is exciting though, is the thought that we’re heading closer and closer towards selling more cars online, with such comprehensive reviews of new cars all over the internet, it wouldn’t take a huge leap of faith to trust an automotive journalist and purchase a car based on their thoughts. The world is changing and Volvo are at the forefront.

With a successful retailing giant like Amazon behind the wheel of this idea, it is sure to take off, and as consumers become more comfortable booking test drives and ordering cars online, dealers who offer the software capabilities to make this possible will prosper. This is why Click Dealer has created its award-winning digital vehicle retailing platform, ClickEngage™, which allows customers to structure their own deal, complete with part-exchange, finance, add-ons, and the ability to reserve a vehicle entirely online!

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