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Over the years, Click Dealer has branched out to become far more than just a DMS and website provider to independent car and van dealerships across the UK. It now boasts a wealth of products and services and is the must-have performance partner to independents across the land, but the business hasn’t forgotten the very foundations upon which it was built, the award-winning ClickDMS.

What started off as a system created to help dealerships with their strenuous, overly-complicated, time consuming administrative tasks has grown and evolved spectacularly. Working closely with dealers, ClickDMS has been constantly updated and enhanced over the years to become the stalwart that it is today, full of amazing tools, reports and functions that the majority of Click Dealer’s partners simply couldn’t do without.

With the massive amount of improvements made to the system over the years, it’s easy for some of them to go amiss, which is why we decided to create a blog, to highlight a few of the hidden gems deep inside ClickDMS that you may not know about!

1) The FCA Gabriel Report

At the end of every financial year, comes the dreaded FCA Gabriel Report to HMRC, full of breakdowns into their dealer’s yearly finances. Ordinarily, business owners or accountants would spend hours having to sort through invoices, paper reports and more, just to get the information that is required by HMRC. With ClickDMS, all of the requested information is available to dealers at the touch of a button, in one solitary report!

Although you can’t officially submit the report via ClickDMS, this report is sure to save dealerships hours upon hours of valuable time which could ultimately be spent elsewhere within their business, like selling more vehicles perhaps?

2) VOSA Integration

When a dealership is purchasing a vehicle, it’s common practice to search the internet high and low to find every tiny detail about the automobile in question. Is it road-legal? Has it been in any accidents? Does it have a valid MOT? All of these questions are answered within seconds when using ClickDMS, thanks to the brilliant VOSA integration. Just enter the vehicle’s registration, click a button and voila!

3) The New Sales Enquiries Screen

Although technically quite a popular function, many dealers don’t realise that this groundbreaking screen displays all of your sales enquiries from across the web! Auto Trader, eBay Motors, website enquiries, you name it! They’re all displayed on one page, meaning that there is no reason for leads to go missing again!

4) You Can Submit Your Tax Digitally Through ClickDMS

Amidst all the panic and preparation for HMRC’s new ‘Making Tax Digital for VAT’ regulation, it was possible to miss the news that ClickDMS is officially an HMRC-recognised software provider for MTD. Dealerships needn’t worry about finding a piece of software that they can submit their tax digitally on when they can do it within ClickDMS and there is no shortage of friendly Clickers on standby to guide dealerships through the entire process.

5) The Amount of Digital Invoice Layouts Available

With ClickDMS there is no need for handwritten invoices any more! Digital invoices are automatically created and are available to view and print within seconds. Even though that’s quite a well-known feature, not many dealers are aware of the number of invoice layouts available to them. There are designs to suit all wants and needs, all fully-branded with the dealership’s logo and colours to ensure that the final step of the customer’s journey is as professional as it can be!

These are but a few of the incredible amount of functions available through ClickDMS and Click Dealer is constantly working to improve the entire system with a huge number of exciting and industry-changing updates coming in the not too distant future. Keep your eyes peeled and if you aren’t already a ClickDMS user, what are you waiting for?

For more information about ClickDMS, please contact the Clickers via help@clickdealer.co.uk or alternatively, call 01782 478 220!


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