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Click Dealer to Help Dealerships Thrive Amongst the Challenges of 2019

In a recent Click Dealer customer survey about the biggest challenges its dealership performance partners would face in 2019, the results highlighted some key trends such as stock sourcing and lead management, as well as the word on everyone’s lips, Brexit. 

The latter seems to be providing some real uncertainty for dealers across the length and breadth of the UK and it’ll bring an unrivalled level of uncertainty to the market in 2019 and beyond.  

Despite being master innovators with decades of industry experience, Click Dealer can’t predict the effects of Brexit on the automotive industry, but what they can do is make sure that dealerships are well equipped to tackle any challenges they may face next year and find a way to help them navigate potentially choppy waters! 

To that end, Click Dealer has been investing in technology and have several huge product releases planned and ready to launch in January, including advanced lead and prospect management solutions and mobile applications which will save dealers time and make their lives easier. 

The dealership performance experts are ready to ring in the New Year with a bang by utilising cutting edge technology to improve performance and remove inefficiencies within dealers’ archaic processes and this methodology has been at the core of all Click Dealer product developments. 

One of the issues Click Dealer has been working to tackle has been improving lead management for its dealers, with far too many enquiries being lost, left unanswered and too much money slipping through the net. In tougher times, it’s vital to grasp every opportunity with both hands and with Click’s latest product innovation, dealerships won’t need to worry about missing any more leads. 

In this day and age, dealerships, should have the ability to keep all leads, whether they’ve come from emails, portals or walk-ins, in one easy to access system, with the option of including staff KPI monitoring, lead notifications and enhanced enquiry management factored in as well. With today’s customer expectations, dealers must be on top of their administrative processes in order to offer consumers the speedy replies and top quality service they are now accustomed to.  

As a business at the forefront of automotive technology, Click Dealer wants its performance partners to make data driven decisions, allowing them to ride the wave of digital opportunities and take advantage of the automation and process refinement that tech can bring. 

Over the years, championing an open integration policy, remaining transparent with our customers and staying at the cutting edge of new technological advances has served Click Dealer incredibly well. The business has no plans to abandon these core philosophies anytime soon. 

In 2019, Click Dealer will continue to invest in its already market leading customer service team and in dealership training to make sure that our customers feel supported in times of unprecedented change and uncertainty in the industry. 

As we look back on 2018 though, we’d like to raise a toast to the successes of all of our multi-award winning dealership partners and wish them all the best for a challenging but successful 2019 and beyond! 

For more information on how Click Dealer can help your dealership start the New Year with a bang and improve performance in 2019, get in touch via marketing@clickdealer.co.uk or on 01782 478220.


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