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Why Reviews are Crucial for Dealerships

For consumers today, third-party reviews are increasingly influential when making a purchase decision. According to AutoTrader’s recent Market Report, 61% of car buyers consider testimonials and reviews to be one of the most important factors when making a vehicle purchase.

The main reason for this is that reviews offer transparency and value, and this is why they are crucial for dealerships.


Studies have shown that in comparison to other industries, transparency is generally weak amongst automotive websites. This limits businesses because transparency is essential for presenting your dealership as trustworthy and creating customer confidence.

More and more companies are adding review sections to their websites to make themselves seem more open and trustworthy, which makes those who do not seem less helpful and unreliable.


The opinions of others are becoming increasingly influential to those making a purchasing decision. This is because third party reviews are a valuable source of assurance, as they come from previous customers who have been through the process already, and should have no reason to lie.

Car buyers will therefore feel more confident buying from a dealership whose website publicly displays reviews.

Customer Satisfaction

For many businesses, the thought of having a public review system is daunting, as it means you must open yourself up to criticism.

However, reviews are not only useful for customers. Even critical feedback is important for you as a car dealer, as it presents a great opportunity to improve on areas you might not have known needed refining.

With a publicly visible review system, your responses to any complaints can be seen, which also provides a chance to display your commitment to resolving issues for customers, consequently increasing their faith in your dealership.

Nowadays, car buyers are becoming more and more likely to research dealerships online before they decide where to purchase from and they are becoming highly reliant on third party reviews to direct them.

Displaying a public review system is therefore likely to draw in more business. Do not be afraid of negative reviews, make your business totally transparent and seize the opportunity to show that your company truly cares!

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