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Will Amazon Take Over the Automotive Industry?

A few months ago, it was confirmed that Amazon plans to enter the UK automotive retail market this year. Amazon is now the third biggest retailer in the world, having worked its way up to this position at an astonishing rate. It is therefore understandable for car dealers to be concerned about how the introduction of the e-commerce giant in the field will affect them.

Should Dealers be Concerned?

Amazon’s immense success can be attributed to its creative innovations, such as one-day delivery and tailored recommendations, which are targeted at making the customer experience exceptional. Having prospered in other fields it has entered, such as fashion and groceries, it does not seem likely that Amazon will fail to perform when the company enters automotive retail.

With the resources to make large investments into projects, and such a huge customer base, it seems impossible to compete with the e-commerce company, especially as consumers seem increasingly willing to purchase cars online.

However, car dealerships have certain strengths and by making sure your business is optimised online before Amazon gains power in the motor industry, you will not have anything to worry about.

How to Rival Amazon

Provide an exceptional online experience

If a customer is on your website, and is not finding it easy and enjoyable to use, they may decide to leave your website and search for an alternative.

Internet consumers are likely to have used Amazon.com before and will know that it is a high-quality website, so if your site is not up to scratch, they may be persuaded by the familiar e-commerce site.

Your website should be enjoyable to use and designed to make the car-buying process quick and straightforward. Consider:

  • Load speed,
  • Ease of navigation,
  • Appearance
  • Mobile responsivity

Let your customers know that they will be looked after
Amazon’s trials have focused less on aftersales, with the company handing off this service to dealers. If your dealership offers maintenance, insurance and finance, it is a good idea to boast about it on your website, making it clear that you will look after your customers from start to finish.

As a small, independent business, you will be able to offer commitment to each customer and a personalised service that Amazon just won’t be able match. If customers can trust you to deliver an excellent standard of service, they are likely to be loyal, coming back to you for every vehicle purchase.

Be transparent
Amazon is widely trusted to deliver on its promises and its review system provides consumers with assurance. If your dealership lacks transparency, it may not compete with Amazon in the eyes of certain buyers.

Make sure your website has a review system in place and enough images of each vehicle to make buyers confident of what they are getting.

Selling vehicles online is complex as there are a lot of aspects which must be taken into consideration and it is likely to take Amazon time to get it right. This gives you an opportunity to make sure your dealership is presented as well as it can be online.

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  • I am not worried or concerned about Amazon at all. I have an exemplary customer experience backed up with fantastic reviews. I offer Free UK Delivery plus each vehicle comes advertised with quality images and up to a ten minute professional video. I have 30 years industry experience, 21 years as owner of Cheshire Cars.

    I have longevity an enviable record of success within the industry and can confidently say that I hold my own and surpass most other large corporations for quality of vehicle, quality of customer experience and offering a total transparent easy overall experience. I regularly come out high in google search through using key words and by regularly posting content. I have a good social media presence and engage daily with potential new and current customers by social media.

    David Bilsborough

    • admin

      Hi David,

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      It is great to hear your opinion on this!



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