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Meet the Clickers – Pip Moxham

Episode 53 of Meet the Clickers sees us meet Head of Marketing Pip! We sat down last week to discuss celebrity crushes and the Wednesday Club!

Hi Pip, I hope you’re well. Could you tell us all how you started at Click please?

Before working at Click I used to work at a Digital Agency in Manchester, where I had worked for just over 6 years.  Ollie and I had discussed me working at Click for a few years but I wanted to wait for the right opportunity. I came in for a meeting with Gerry to talk about the skills that I can bring to Click and the vision for the future, he offered me the job and it has been a perfect match ever since.

I already knew a few of the Clickers from nights out and I’d already worked with Shaun Allcock and Steve Deighton in my previous job, not to mention that half of Click are actually my family haha so it was the perfect transition for me and I was kindly welcomed with open arms.

How has your job changed since you started with us?

When I first started at Click in November 2016 I worked in the Web and Tech team helping to organise the studio throughput and sprint planning. I then moved up to the Marketing department about 9 months later to work closely with Jamie to help to shape our fabulous Marketing Team.

My department is split into three sub departments, Click Dealer Marketing, Social Media and Content Creation, our responsibilities include work for our dealership customers as well as the overall marketing and communications for the business across different channels.

Have you and Ollie decided on the colour theme for the baby’s bike leathers yet?

Ha-ha, it will not be going anywhere near a bike or sidecar! He has got a Valentino Rossi baby grow but that’s as close as he’s getting.

With any luck he’ll prefer cars anyway! What do you wish you knew more about?

How to be a parent would be good!

How did you earn the nickname ‘The Scoffer’?

I sit next to super healthy Joe Podmore and he always gives me a judging look when I eat anything remotely unhealthy. At the moment I’m eating quite a lot of it too, so he’s got a constant frown of disapproval.

We all know Joe loves a Chico’s though, don’t feel too bad Pip! What’s the Wednesday Club and how do we join?

Wednesday Club started when my Dad came around every Wednesday for pasta and wine night, we’ve expanded our menu choices since then though! Ollie’s also involved in it and we did have a quiz team with the same name consisting of myself, Ol, my Dad, Joe and Jake Mallin. We weren’t very good, so we canned that off pretty quickly!

That does sound like a fun group to be in. Ron Munn mentioned the ‘Visitor Chode’ could you expand on this?

As bad as it may sound, the answer is actually quite innocent! I was speaking in a meeting and instead of saying Ron is auditing all our dealers that were using the Visitor Chat code on their website, it instead came out as Visitor Chodes… I couldn’t contain myself after that, so I had to end the meeting!

Haha, I’ve heard you make a few of those slip ups in fairness! Is it true that your celebrity crush bares a striking resemblance to your Husband, Ollie?

Oooh yeah, well I think he does. I’m a big fan of Jamie Dornan, I can’t help it. I think I saw him in Fifty Shades first!

Is it true that you’ve eaten at so many restaurants and pubs in the Staffordshire area that the county is thinking of introducing the ‘Pipchellin’ star, as you eat out more often than most food critics anyway?

I do like to eat out. I’d definitely be up for the Pipchellin Star though, I think I’d be a harsh critic! I’ve got a few places in mind already! As everyone already knows, I’m a big fan of pie (much to Joe’s amusement) so whenever I eat one I like I often report back to my friends. I quite like the Plume of Feathers; their pie is really good.

We do love a pie in marketing! None more so than Jamie! What trend do you hope makes a return?

I’d love to see double denim make a comeback!

What risks are worth taking?

Anything that makes you happy.

It’s a shame Ben Wood doesn’t use that logic when taking out another Vale season ticket; who could be happy supporting them? What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

You get out what you put in, so the harder you work the bigger your reward will be.

What do you love most about working at Click?

Of course, I love my fellow marketers, but I also love working for a family business. Working with their spouse would drive most people mad, but I love working with Ol and the rest of the family. It’s a great place where your ideas are listened to and valued, you also leave everyday knowing you’ve made a difference!

Spot on Pip, we really do make a difference don’t we!

Finally, I’d like to thank everyone for supporting this series throughout the year, it continues to be one of our top performing blogs and we’ve got big plans for it in the future… Don’t forget to join us again in 2019 to meet more of our Wonderful Clickers!

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