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How Pinterest Can Help Dealers Achieve Their Targets

Pinterest isn’t the first social media platform that comes to mind when you think of car dealerships, with it’s typically female user base and pages based around DIY tips, animals and fashion. However it can be a great place to aesthetically display your dealership’s collection of vehicles and reach a completely new demographic of potential customers.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a virtual online bulletin board, where users are able to ‘collect’ images, articles and products from across the internet and publicly display them on their account. A Pinterest user can have more than one bulletin board on their account, and they are usually divided up into topics, so an automotive fan may have a motorbike board, a classic cars board and a sportscar board. The purpose is so that they can keep a tab on a certain image because they may wish to purchase it at some point in the future, or that they simply like the image and want to display it to their followers.

The type of content that you post determines who will follow you on Pinterest. If you’re posting images of your stock which are for sale, you will have followers who may like the types of vehicles that you sell and who are interested in certain manufacturers of vehicles. Pinterest is a fantastic way to advertise your business because you can reach a whole new demographic of people who will most likely ‘stumble’ across your page, unlike Facebook and Twitter where they’re directly searching for dealerships in a certain area.

Why is Pinterest Important?

The difference between Pinterest and other social media feeds such as Facebook and Twitter, is that Pinterest’s content hangs around for longer meaning that more people can view it easily. On Facebook and Twitter, content is pushed further and further down the feed or timeline when other fresher content is published, and your posts can get lost in the process.

Although the main home page is similar to Facebook and Twitter’s layout, Pinterest’s content can remain cool for a long period of time depending on its popularity. Pinterest users can visit your business page and see your latest content, which is displayed slightly differently than the main news feed. The unique layout means that potential customers can see content which they’re interested in, not what has most recently been published.


Pinterest Marketing

Pin Blogs from your Website

Pinterest gives you the opportunity to pin blogs to your board, which naturally gives them more online coverage. Blogs are an essential part of building your online presence because it shows your customers that you have a vast amount of knowledge within the automotive industry. It is always important to mix up your content as much as possible to keep your feed fresh and offer different topics for different interests. For example, you could do a blog about the benefits of HP finance one week, a case study the next week and maybe a top 10 list the week later. Linking your blogs to the website through Pinterest opens a channel for your potential customers to engage with your content in more depth, which could potentially increase leads.

Pin Landing Pages

If you are interested in promoting important pages from your website then it’d be a good idea to pin certain landing pages to your Pinterest page. You will also create some social signals with this technique which will improve your SEO strategy. You may wish to pin landing pages which link to certain vehicles, special offers, types of finance, or simply to your main home page. Pinning your landing pages will help to drive traffic to your website which should lead to more leads and sales.

Have Fun with your Boards

Get creative with your board name. Rather than simply categorising your boards by the make or model of vehicles, come up with something inventive and fun. You could have a board dedicated to sports cars, one dedicated to off-roading and one dedicated to classic cars – all with inventive and catchy titles. In each category, pin a mix of photos, reviews, videos to keep your content varied and fun.

Start at Home

It is important to include local content on your Pinterest page to appeal to local potential clients. Keep in the loop with your local news, add some interesting information about your local history, and even get in touch with other local charities or businesses for some cross promotional opportunities. This will appeal to locals in your area and raise awareness about your business.



Videos, Wallpapers and Photo Galleries

To elevate your presence online, you should be mindful about the content which you follow and engage with, and the content that you post on your profile. Linking videos, photo galleries and wallpapers to your page from large automotive publications is a good way to build on your profile. Make sure that the content is relevant to your own stock. You could include vehicle reviews, galleries of vehicles which you also stock and manufacturer wallpapers to remain loyal to your brands.

Promoted Pins

Similarly to Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest also has a promotion tool, whereby users can pay to promote certain posts – meaning that more eyes view your content. In terms of e-commerce, this is a key factor to getting your leads to convert to sales, and it works. The average shopper referred by Twitter and Facebook usually spends around £44 – £58, whereas when they’re referred through Pinterest, shoppers will usually spend between £103 – £132.

You are able to tailor your content to the people who really matter, by selecting people from a certain demographic, location and interest. Geotargeting is a key feature to get your adverts popping up on these people’s feeds.

Adding Pinterest to your social profile will not only increase your leads, but it will help you reach a whole new demographic. Pinterest has a very specific demographic, mainly consisting of women, and becoming a present figure on the platform can help you build customer relationships with potential new clients. It also does not need to be monitored 24/7 because popular content sticks around longer than it does on other social media channels. So you will just need to post good quality content a few times a week to keep your page fresh. Good luck!
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