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What is Snapchat?

Launched in 2011, Snapchat is an app that allows you to send images and videos to your friends, which after a number of seconds will disappear once viewed by the person.

It can be used as a messaging app, by adding captions with text over the image or video, or free-hand doodles. You are also able to use filters which detect your face, and can add any image or video you create to your story. Here it will remain for 24 hours and your contacts are able to view your story.

If you’d like to save the snaps before you send them, or save your story – they can be saved to your Memories.

In 2014, the users of the app were sending 700 million snaps each day. The immediate popularity of Snapchat caused Facebook to make an offer of $3 billion which was declined.

Snapchat Logo

Who Uses Snapchat?

The app is aimed at teens and adults although according to a number of research firms, each day it is reaching new ages. Celebrities and YouTubers are known to use Snapchat to interact with their viewers and followers. It can be seen as a personal way to connect and allow the viewers to get an insight into their daily life.

The Snapchat Lingo

Snapchatters: Snapchat users

Snapback: A reply-back to a snap

Snaps: A photo or video taken on Snapchat

Story: Snaps that you can broadcast to whole of your followers and contacts on Snapchat

Chat: Feature that allows you to message other users direct

Video chat: A feature in chat that allows you to live video chat with other users

Filters: Fun overlays on your snaps through the use of a filter. When you have taken a snap, swipe right to add coloured, weather, time, speed and location filters

Snapstreak: Different emojis appear next to your contacts and have different meanings- e.g you have snapped each other within 24 hours for a number of consecutive days.


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