5 Top Tricks to Turn Your Dealership’s Website into a Sales Machine!

Here at Click Dealer, we know a thing or two about building industry leading dealership websites! We know what works, what doesn’t and how to make your website into a lead machine, turning your virtual forecourt into a goldmine of potential customers chomping at the bit to buy the vehicle of their dreams!

Our web delivery team are without a doubt the best in the business and they’re always willing to lend a hand to make sure that your website is working hard for your dealership, whether it be a quick change or a full website refresh the team is always ready and raring to help out our customers!

To that end, Click’s Digital Marketing Assistant, Ronnie Cane has come up with his five top tricks to turn your website into a sales machine! There’s so much expertise at Click HQ it hurts! If you’re not already with us for your website… You bloody well should be!

Ronnie Cane
Ronnie Cane, Digital Marketing Assistant
  1. Have a great headline

Dealerships quickly need to realise that old school marketing headlines such as ‘NEW (insert make/model) ON SALE IN MANCHESTER AREA’, are simply not good enough. A great headline should be short, snappy and memorable. Dealerships need to think outside the box of the standard style of headline and go for something different. This way it will capture the attention of any reader immediately as they have not already seen it on every dealership’s website they have visited in their lives. Consider things that are out of the ordinary like unusual or quirky statements.

  1. Follow this up with an engaging Sub-Heading

Your heading’s purpose is to get the reader’s attention. Following this up with a good sub-heading ensures that you keep them on the page, not just the heading of it. This is usually located underneath the heading, it will be the piece of text that the reader reads after the heading. This is, of course, dependent on whether the heading succeeds in grabbing the reader’s attention to begin with. If you succeed with the heading, and then the reader’s attention continues to be satisfied with the sub-heading; you will most likely have succeeded in keeping them on the page.

  1. Utilise Video

Using video is the last resort if the headings have not succeeded in capturing the reader’s attention, but is also a great tool to assist the reader in their research and help them decide if they want to go for your product or service. A good way to differentiate your dealership from all the others, is to not just throw up videos made by the manufacturer, but to provide value to the customer by displaying videos made by yourself. This shows that you have put effort into helping the customer learn more about you and your products and services you are offering to them. Also, people will be much more inclined to devote their attention to a good quality video than simply reading reams of text on your page.

  1. Quality Text

It is easy to, as most dealerships do, write an entire essay on a product or service. So, how do you keep it short and sweet? Write in a simple structure that includes the following 3 things:

An Explanation.

This does not need to be a bulky section and does not need a lot of creative writing. This section can be simple and possibly tied into your heading and/or sub-heading.

Pain/Pleasure points.

People, particularly customers, are prone to avoid pain and are eager for pleasure. Attempt to make sure that you touch on both points due to this. Appeal to the customer’s emotional side of the buying process.


Every dealership knows the true power of a good testimonial. Therefore, leaving this out would be a big part of the problem most have in the first place. This should be near the single call to action and is a perfect way to tie off the text on your landing page. You could include something like a customer who has given a great review of your dealership.

  1. Call to action

A call to action is what tells the customer that you want their custom and then shows them how and where they can give it to you. Therefore, this is one of, if not the most important part of your page to make your website a better sales machine. To get the most out of your call to action, follow these guidelines:

  • Use compelling and attractive language. Be scared of using common words like ‘submit’ and ‘enter’. Instead, go for more explosive and exciting words.
  • More often than not, the bigger your call to action, the better. Make it stand out to the reader.
  • Use a button. Reader’s are used to a call to action being able to take them somewhere. If that is a hyperlink to a different site or page or a button that allows the reader to enter their email, it easily allows them to take their custom to you.

I know that stripping down your VDPs (vehicle detail pages) that you have worked hard on is daunting, but the small amount of work needed to implement these 5 top tricks will pay off if you feel like your dealership’s website is not fulfilling it’s real potential for your business or you simply want to improve a little.

For more information on how Click Dealer can help give you an industry leading dealership website contact us today on marketing@clickdealer.co.uk or 01782 478220.

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