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Click DMS Could Cure Your Office Headaches By Saving You Time And Money

The foundation of Click Dealer has always been its award-winning Dealer Management System (DMS). The DMS is a comprehensive product that offers dealers a one-stop shop to manage their full administrative workload online. Time is vital to all of us, and if you ever feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, Click Dealer can help.

Click DMS can streamline your processes, meaning less time spent in administrative monotony and more time spent selling and driving profits for your dealership. You can design branded invoices digitally and print them off, add stock individually or in bulk, and track expenses and suppliers. Just to name a few. All Click Dealer customers receive some form of a back-office system.

We asked Crompton Motors if they found Click DMS saved them time:

“It does, without a doubt otherwise you’re using a book and you’d write everything manually. I do my invoices electronically through Click and it saves a lot of time. You can run a VAT return so that’s saving on an accountant too, you don’t have to involve an accountant with your VAT return you just press a button and it does it for you!”

Easy To Use

Through the Click Dealer DMS dealers can manage their online advertising and web presence. Using a simple DVLA lookup tool to enter the registrations of your vehicles, all dealers then need to do is populate their adverts with the required fields. This makes adding images, price, mileage and key features to the vehicle incredibly easy and ensures that it is ready to be advertised online.

Rather than wasting time uploading vehicles to third-party advertising platforms, ClickDMS does it for you automatically. Click Dealer has licenses to feed to the majority of leading vehicle portals including AutoTrader, Motors, eBay motors, Car Gurus and many more.

Scottish Dealership A.G. Lee’s said:

“Everything is right there in front of you. Before I had to load everything onto AutoTrader and load it all onto our website, it’s basically halved that. The dealer management system has made the process lots quicker. The system is very easy, I can have all the paperwork for customers finished very easy.”

Stock Management

Click DMS is broken down into four main categories; Stock Management, Lead Management, Sales Process & KPI Reports. Under the stock management umbrella, dealers will find features such as the DVLA lookup, stock book, document Upload, prep schedule, purchasing costs and collections diary. All of these features combined help dealerships to manage the day-to-day processes for vehicles in stock.

Lead Management

Managing stock is all well and good, but if there are no leads coming into the business, the stock management tool isn’t going to be needed for very long! This is where the lead management section comes into play. Lead management is all about generating more revenue for your business. Running alongside your existing marketing campaigns, Click Dealer gives businesses an added boost with features such as automated enquiry replies, both lead source and lead geo-tracking and much more.

Sales Process

Once the lead has been triggered, this then brings in the sales process section to help dealers out along the way. Customers will fill out an online finance application which lands handily in the Click DMS and allows dealerships to process the deal. Click’s DMS provides features such as the deal stacker, taking payments and recording them digitally, part-exchange valuations and has the ability to seamlessly add any part ex-changed vehicles into your stock after the deal is completed.


The fourth and final category of the Click DMS is KPI Reports. What use is purchasing a vehicle, generating the lead and selling it, if you cannot view how much profit you made from it? Well, Click Dealer has got this covered too! With the help of sales margin and forecast reports, lead source and conversion rates, VAT & Gabriel reports as well as make/model analysis for vehicles sold, these powerful tools give a complete insight into how dealerships are performing, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and saving them valuable time when it comes to end of year reports.

Angus MacKinnon found the reporting side of our DMS to be vital in increasing their profitability:

“The reporting systems are very clear and concise which gives you the option to extract the vehicles we think are going to move quicker. The detail is great and you can concentrate on the more profitable lines which is in the helpful report that Gerry sent to us.”

It would be easy to talk about the benefits of Click DMS all day, especially with some fantastic new changes coming this summer for both new and current customers to appreciate. If you have any further question’s about ClickDMS or would like a free demo, please contact us at marketing@clickdealer.co.uk or by using our contact page.

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