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Meet The Clickers – Chelly Colclough

As the days get more festive by the hour, Meet the Clickers returns once again to take your mind away from the seasonal stress. Take a minute, put your feet up and enjoy a landmark 90th episode! In this week’s episode, I caught up with Front End Web Developer, Chelly Colclough! Chelly sat down with me to discuss everything from her worst pet-peeve to her hopes of one day emigrating to Japan! Here’s what she had to say…

Hi Chelly, great to catch up with you! Could you please start off by telling us a bit about how you started out here at Click and how your role has developed since you’ve been with us?

“Hi Ben, well before this I was a freelance web and graphic designer, but then my better half decided to get a work from home job and after 2 weeks I couldn’t stand him anymore so here I am! I hadn’t heard of Click before – and I still know nothing about cars but I’d like to think my web skills have improved at least!”

Amazing stuff. Now that we’re nearing the end of 2019, how has this year been for you? Any particular highlights?

“This year’s been pretty low-key for me, a lot of saving up money for a holiday to Japan next year! I went 2 years ago and the amount of money I managed to blow was insane, so I’m better prepared this time!”

Known for being a fun-loving bunch at times, what rule would you bring in for your fellow Webbers to follow if you could?

“I don’t think there is any rule I could bring in that any of them would follow, we’re a rebellious bunch!”

Haha, I’m sure they would agree! What is one of your biggest pet-peeves in day-to-day life?

“People who walk really slowly in the centre of paths! I’m usually running late so just let me past!”

I’ve got to agree with that, it’s infuriating! What’s the biggest thing on your bucket list that you’d like to do or accomplish?

“A few years ago it was to visit Japan, but now I’ve visited I guess the next step would be to live there!”

If you could live in any fictional universe, where would it be and why?

“A weird one, but my favourite film is Pacific Rim and I love the Evangelion series, so I’d love to be in some sort of world with giant Mechas and Kaijus! Bonus points if I’m a pilot so I can mind sync and control the Mechas!”

It would be exciting if nothing else! If your life had a soundtrack, what would it be?

“Despite my cute pink exterior, I listen to a lot of heavy metal, my favourite band at the moment is a J-Rock band called OLDCODEX. Metal is good music to be mad at when you need to remain calm on the surface.”

How do you like to relax after a hard day’s work?

“I get home, walk my dog, Kota, and then we chill and play games for a good majority of the night!”

Sounds like a good night! You’re obviously a very popular member of the Web team, so this may cause a bit of controversy, but who is your favourite Webber to work with?

“I’m gonna say Krisz/Yanni, not because he’s my favourite but he sits next to me and he’s an easy target to bully haha! I love them all really!”

Finally, as always, what do you love the most about working at Click Dealer?

“Probably my team and the overall environment of the company. It’s not just any old job! Everyone here comes in, works their hardest and pushes forward together so that we can improve our products, services and ourselves. I love the Clicker mentality!”

I couldn’t agree more, thanks Chelly!

Unfortunately, that spells the end of episode 90 of Meet the Clickers! A massive thanks to Chelly for taking the time to chat with me. You can read all previous episodes of Meet the Clickers here and if you’re all up to date, be sure to join us again in a couple of weeks for episode 90!

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