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Meet The Clickers – Jordan Badger

In this months Meet the Clickers we talk to Jordan from the Tech Team.

Hi Jordan, we know you are one of the newest members of the tech team, but what got you into web development?

I have always done web development as a hobby, even in school I was playing with the computers, tinkering with code and breaking things!

So I started there, went down a completely different career path I didn’t enjoy, and then saw an apprenticeship come up for digital marketing and web. From there I started getting into Magento and moved into working at a web agency where I got into more Cloud and Node work.

The apprenticeship was the best thing I did, it meant I took a massive drop in income, but it put me on a path I want to be on.

It’s not a job if you enjoy it and I love what I do.

I hear you are a Star Wars fan like most of the Tech Team?

Yes. I got my wife to watch The Mandalorian and she really liked it, she’s not seen any other Star Wars stuff so had to explain a lot to her, got to get her to watch all the movies now.

I wasn’t a fan of the last two films, they are good but nothing compared to the originals.

Is it just Star Wars or anything Sci-fi you are into?

Anything Sci-fi, Dad got me into Star Wars but recently watched all the Star Treks start to finish. Into Doctor Who too but mostly when David Tennant was the Doctor.

I read a lot of Sci-fi too and a bit of Horror! Not so much anymore, up until about 2 years ago when I had my daughter I was a big reader but too tired now!

What do you like to do in your free time?

I have played the guitar and ukulele since I was 14. I used to play a lot of gigs in pubs, used to pay for my beer money in college!

I have a nearly two year old so don’t get much chance to play, when I do she will come over and put her hands over the strings, proper confidence booster haha!

Most of my free time these days is taken up by going to soft play areas though so I don’t get much time to practise any more, but Jamie in the tech team has inspired me to pick it up a bit when I can, plus talking about bands has inspired me too as we have similar tastes.

I have to ask then, what bands are you into?

I am a massive Green Day fan, big into Foo Fighters too. All rock music stuff, been to see Foo Fighters, Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit live, I used to go a lot of gigs.

I saw Metallica with a friend in Marley Park Dublin, it was raining and we got covered in mud. We missed the plane home and it was day of GCSE exam results so ended up going to get my exam results covered in mud.

I do love a good gig! Anything else you like to do when you have the chance?

I used to be big into gaming, especially first person shooting…like the rest of the tech team! But again I don’t do that as much any more.

I am also big into electronics so I will develop apps that will attach to technology to do various things but I’d get to the point I’d get all the hardware and tech working but then lose interest once all the hard work is done. I love the challenge of it all then get bored once I figure how it will all work!

We know your daughter keeps you busy, what do you get up to with her?

She is very active, so we go soft plays a lot, I know where they all are around the area! She is very active, I don’t know where she gets it from, so we will go to local parks as well to keep her busy. She can’t sit still.

You mentioned a lot of the tech team like the same stuff, it must be good being in a team with so much in common.

Yeah, it is nice that we can all talk about our interests together it’s not all work, I can talk to them about all my other interests too.

What do you love most about the team?

How everyone’s ideas mean something and all the team listens, nothing is silly there is always progression –always moving forward with technology. Everyone respects each other and their ideas even if it’s not quite the right way to go.

What is your favourite thing about Click?

The team, but I mean like the whole team, everyone. There isn’t a person I’ve spoken to at Click that isn’t nice, they all get along. There are no hidden agendas, everyone just helps each other. The talent around the company, conversations and solutions to problems is admirable.

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