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Mobile Targeting: The Basics for Dealers

Mobile targeting allows dealers to develop campaigns which are specifically aimed at mobile searchers. Mobile PPC can seem complex and scary but if your advertising campaigns are successful, they could result in a lot more interest in your dealership and higher conversion rates.

Why Should your Dealership Use Mobile Targeting?

Mobile searches are now outperforming desktop searches, and according to a Mobile Path to Purchase study conducted by Google Think Insights, the average consumer spends more than 15 hours per week researching on their smartphones. This makes mobiles the best place to get your adverts seen.

An extremely useful aspect of mobile targeting is location targeting. Most consumers carry their smartphones everywhere with them and mobile targeting allows you to refine your audience by location to ensure that your ads are clicked by searchers who are most likely to make a purchase.

How to Make your Mobile Advertising Campaigns Successful

Mobile targeting could dramatically increase conversion rates for your dealership, which is a great incentive to invest in it, but making your mobile campaigns successful can be a challenge.

Optimise your website

Firstly, you must ensure that your adverts lead to mobile-friendly landing pages on a mobile-optimised site.

Research conducted by Google shows that 40 per cent of users would leave a site and visit a competitor’s if they have a bad experience. If your website is not responsive and optimised for mobile, you may be wasting your investment in mobile PPC advertising.


Mobile Targeting

Keep focusing on your target audience

Think about who you want to see your ads, what their habits are and how likely they are to use the internet on their mobile devices. Make sure your ads are tailored to your target audience.

Choose your keywords wisely

When writing adverts for your mobile PPC campaign, you must choose words and phrases which tell search engines what your business is about, yet find unique words that can put you ahead of the competition.

There are various free keyword suggestion tools online that you can use to test keywords and find the most successful ones.

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