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Sight unseen’ sales growing for trustworthy websites

Dealers whose websites lead buyers through the sales process from start to finish as if they were visiting the showroom are increasingly likely to get orders from buyers even though they won’t have physically seen or driven the vehicle.

A new report from AA Cars which surveyed nearly 20,000 in-market people, revealed a fundamental shift in consumer attitudes and a growing willingness to trust dealers who present their vehicles in a way that builds confidence and answers all the likely questions about the history, condition and spec.

Showing how far the market has evolved, the report says that more than one in ten used car purchases are now done online and sight unseen so the first time the customer sees and drives it is when they take delivery.

Used stock needs multiple and detailed images, preferably in video effect to give the experience of a physical walk-round, there needs to be a full and detailed history and spec, the website needs to explain that pre-sale inspections are available and build confidence by underlining the consumer’s rights if a problem does occur after the sale.

For buyers who have never bought sight unseen before but would consider it so long as deal-maker or breaker concerns were met, more than half (52%) say they would be much more likely to buy if the vehicle was given a thorough pre-sale inspection from a trusted brand.

Growing willingness to trust dealers

Other factors that would see consumers more likely to buy blind include dealers being upfront and providing clear information about their right to cancel (48%) and a significantly discounted price (44%).

James Fairclough, CEO of AA Cars, said:

“A decade ago the idea of buying a car without seeing it in person was highly unusual. These days, consumers are much more comfortable with buying valuable products they haven’t seen first due to the sheer volume of listing information and all-angles pictorial evidence that is provided by respected portals online, making a prospective buyer feel like they have practically kicked the tyres themselves.

“All of this has helped to contribute to an environment where drivers feel more comfortable spending on a vehicle they haven’t seen, but essentially feel they know intimately, despite not encountering it in the flesh.”

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