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Five Ways Used Car Dealers Can Make the Most of their Advantage in 2018

Since April 2017, the decline of new car sales has been consistent, giving used car dealers the advantage, but this doesn’t mean that selling cars will suddenly become a piece of cake!

With the arrival of the New Year arousing motivation to better ourselves and our work, it is handy to have a reminder of certain business standards.

1. Pay Attention to Your Customers

It is so important to make customers feel valued and one way to do this is to recognise them when they return! Of course, during busy periods, you won’t remember everyone who comes into your dealership, but welcoming a customer back or using their name when you greet them can make all the difference.

The best way to ensure that you recognise repeat customers is by aiming to engage each visitor to your dealership in conversation to get to know a bit about them. Your friendly approach might even be what makes them return, as this will also make them feel genuinely valued.

2. Manage Your Data Effectively to Get an Advantage

With systems and processes in place to capture high-quality consumer data, you will have the potential to enhance the customer experience. Using this data, you can personalise the service you provide and build customer loyalty.

Manage Your Data Effectively to Get an Advantage

3. Make Yourself Available

Keep an eye on your enquiries and make sure you are responding. This means checking your emails, social media accounts and voicemails regularly and if you can, implement an out of hours service. The majority of consumers conduct product research in the evening and if they are making enquiries with several dealers, replying to them in real time could put you ahead of the competition.

4. Do Your Market Research

Acquisition prices for high-quality stock are on the rise, but it is important to be constantly comparing your prices with those of your rivals to ensure that your screen prices remain competitive.
Do Your Market Research

5. Show Customers You Value Their Feedback

If people leave comments on your website or social media pages, you should try to reply with a high-quality response, thanking customers for positive feedback and offering some way of rectifying a situation should an individual write that they have had a negative experience. This will show customers (past, present and future) that you care about them.

Implementing these actions on a daily basis should help to make sure that your business is maintaining its high standards.

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