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Your Online Dealership Website Journey

In this day and age a website is more than just an aesthetical marketing tool. A website, in any type of business, used to its full potential, can be a complete online journey, not only for your customers but also for you.

For car dealers, a website can be your own digital forecourt, and at Click we can help you make that a reality. From customers browsing for their next vehicle from the comfort of their own sofa straight through to making the purchase and getting the finance they may need with no more effort than a few mouse clicks.

Not sure how or where to get started on the website journey? That’s ok! Here’s a crash course, and our team here at Click can help you further.

Your website

Whether it is a website to browse your stock or a complete digital forecourt experience, we can do what is right for you and your business.

A website with ClickDealer will give you a stylish but professional digital front for your business, not only that but we feed through to all the major portals, such as Auto Trader, so your stock is always up to date across every platform you use.

Not only that but we can help boost your website traffic and increase enquiries, all while giving your customers a modern, fast loading online experience.

Our websites are designed to create your perfect online presence to suit your business.

Advantages of a website

  • Increase online presence
  • Showcase stock an allow customers to reserve or buy online
  • Generate leads
  • Feed stock to other portals

Find out more about our dealer websites right here

Finance Tools

While your website can showcase what you have got in stock, it can be taken one step further by offering finance. A Click website is already tailored individually to you to increase your visibility, with a finance website you have an extra layer to your online experience.

With key features, such as finance calculators, they can increase your company’s finance penetration. These calculators assist customers with their purchases and managing budgets.

We can help you with tools for your website to help you improve finance penetration.

Advantages of finance on website

  • Boost online sales
  • Improve finance penetration
  • Allow customers to calculate HP and PCP rates
  • Another layer to assisting customers in the virtual world
Have you thought about content?

How your website looks isn’t everything when it comes to attracting customers, have you thought about what you are putting on your website?

When it comes to where you feature in search engines, content is key. Think about the key words you use on your website to help push you further up the rankings, giving you more visibility. What are your images like? Even they can add to the value of SEO (search engine optimization) by keeping potential customers engaged in the content.

If you need a bit of guidance with how to make the most out of your content and increase your SEO the team are here to help.


  • Targeting relevant keywords
  • Increase organic web traffic
  • Increase leads and sales

We know it isn’t always easy to get stock, so alongside helping you sell cars online, we can help you buy cars too. With ClickBuy you can buy more stock quickly and efficiently, you can buy a car and have it up for sale within days, no waiting for delivery from auctions.

With this little feature you can attract people looking to sell their vehicle quickly, give them an instant valuation and have leads to follow up with just a few clicks of the mouse. It is as simple as a form on your website, customers enter their car details and done!


  • Get more stock quickly
  • Drive sellers to your site with targeted marketing campaigns
  • No waiting for auctions
  • Give evaluations to buy a car super fast
  • Quick turn around

The team are always on hand to help you with more with ClickBuy.


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